2 Best Methods to Add PDF to iBooks on Mac

Apple Inc. has multiple apps like iTunes, iMovie, Apple Health, etc. which can be used by a Mac or iPhone, or iPad user. Just like other apps, Apple does have a handy tool named “iBooks” which is used to read documents or books. You can download and enjoy any type of book using this software as it has a vast collection of your favorite novels and books. What if you have a PDF extension of your book and you want to add it to your iBook library? Well, here we have a better solution for this. Today in this article, I am sharing with you how to add PDF to iBooks on Mac.

2 Best Methods to Add PDF to iBooks on Mac

In the following, I have explained 2 simple and best methods to add PDF to iBooks on Mac. Stay tuned!

1.Use iBook App to Add PDF to iBooks on Mac


You can use the iBook app o Mac to add PDF to your iBook library.


Starting with, select your PDF file and click the right button of the mouse to get options.

From the options press “Open with” and choose “iBooks app” to open it.


After that, opening the file click the “File” option from the ribbon.

Now, click “Add to Library”.

In summary, you have successfully added your PDF to your iBook store. Thus you can access your file any time you want.


2.Convert to EPUB to Add PDF to iBooks on Mac


Sometimes you will find that your PDF file is not opening using the iBook feature. In that case, you have to convert your PDF file to an EPUB extension. Follow the steps below-


Open your PDF conversion tool and click “Open PDF”.

Now, select your PDF document.


In order to convert the file go to the “Convert” option.

Simply, click the more option if you don’t find the “PDF to EPUB” conversion option.

Then, choose “To EPUB” and your file will be converted to an EPUB extension.

Finally, download it and open using the iBook app on Mac.



You can also add PDF to iBooks on Mac using a simple trick online. Mail your PDF document from windows to any account. Open your Mac and open your account. After you have access download the file and open it in your installed iBook app. Simple isn’t it?


In this article, I have tried to cover all the best methods to add PDF to iBooks on Mac. Hope you enjoyed the article and all the simple methods. If you find any problem while adding PDF to iBooks on Mac, we are here to solve it. In the following, I have shared the best tool WPS Office to add PDF to iBooks on Mac. It is one of the best tools to work with for its versatile and multiple uses. Download the file and make your work easier. Enjoy!

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