How to Add Signature to PDF Online for Free in 2022

July 31, 20231.1K views

Mostly after completing a resume file we often need to add a signature to the extension. But after saving the file it becomes difficult to add. Don’t worry. You can add a signature to PDF extensions simply online. Today I am sharing with you how to add signature to PDF online.

2 Best Methods to Add Signature to PDF Online

Without wasting time let’s focus directly on our 2 best methods to add signature to PDF online.

1.Make Use of WPS Office to Add Signature to PDF


WPS Office software is the best tool in 2022 to edit a PDF document. Using this free and handy tool you can add signature to PDF online. Follow the steps below-


Above all, open your WPS Office software on your PC or Mac.

Then, click “Open” and choose your desired file.


Hence, go to Insert > Sign > Create Signature.


After that, a new window will appear named “PDF Signature”.

From the new window, type your signature using the keyboard and change the font according to your choice.

Then press OK to continue.


In summary, you have created your sign and it’s time to place it in the proper location.


Finally, put the created sign and press “Save”. This way you can easily add signature to PDF. Simple isn’t it?


2.Utilize Adobe Acrobat to Add Signature to PDF Online


If you are looking for a solution to add signature to PDF online, then you are at the right place. Just follow the steps below-


First, click this link to open Adobe Acrobat in your browser.

Second, drag your PDF file into the “Fill & Sign” section.


Hence, choose “Add Signature” from the “Sign Yourself” option.


After that, you can type your precious signature using the type feature.

Similarly, you can draw or add images from your PC utilizing the “Draw” and “Image” features at the top ribbon.

Simply press “Apply” to continue.


In this final step just put your signature to your desired location and save your PDF document.


If you want you can also use various other features which are available in Adobe Acrobat. Enjoy!



You can also use Smallpdf, Sejda, and LigthPDF tools to add signatures to PDF online.

While adding a signature some online websites might ask you to “Create an Account”. Don’t worry. Just create an account and enjoy your PDF with signature completely free.


In this article, I have tried my best to cover all the methods to add signature to PDF online. Hope you enjoyed the article. In the following, I have attached a link by which you can download WPS Office software. It is the best tool and is recommended by all for its versatile features. Thanks!

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