How to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac: 3 Best Tools

July 31, 2023804 views

The portable documents format is the best format to share and view among all files type from any device without hassle. As soon as we transfer any file to other devices it enables us easily to open and read. Sharing multiple platforms is easy but it has also file security issues from unethical editing. The file can be stolen from you if you have not marked it as your file.

For removing these identical issues we bring to you some methods and best tools for adding watermark to PDF on mac. No matter, whether you are a mac user or windows you can follow our guidelines and solve your documental issues with these tools.

Importance of adding watermark to PDF on Mac

Students, teachers, and professional office colleagues rely on PDF files for opening and sharing their documents easily from multiple devices. To avoid plagiarism adding a watermark is inevitable. No one can take screenshots and claim the credit for files.

Use WPS Office to Add a Watermark to the PDF

WPS Office has an all-in-one solution provider for PDF users in other words you can modify your documents according to your necessity. It is compatible with Microsoft Office for its feature programs including Word, presentation, spreadsheets, and PDF. here we see how we can add a watermark to PDF on mac.


Open a PDF file with WPS Office and go directly to Edit > watermark options.

You can add a watermark to all pages or select pages.


From insert watermark window we can add text that visuals on your PDF documents

You can increase the opacity and area range.


Add Watermark to PDF on Mac with PDFelement

PDFelement allows you to add a watermark from your mac by following easy steps. At the same time, you can insert any text, image, or sign with your PDFelemnt on Mac. here we follow how we add watermarks to PDF.

Open PDFelement and choose your PDF.

Direct go to the tools > add to edit watermark

You can add text, image, or PDF as a watermark


Choose the rotation, opacity, location, and other options as desired. you can set "Position" options, page range, and other parameters as well and the watermark will be displayed in the preview mood.

If it looks ok to go, click "Save".


Add Watermark to PDF on Mac with Microsoft Word

We can add a watermark to a PDF with Microsoft Word. I know it will create a little confusion in your mind. If we follow the given rules below we can easily do this.

Open a PDF file from Microsoft Word and it enables editing with a word file.

Go to Design > watermark options and follow as we discussed in previous lines.

Save it as a PDF file again.


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There are various tools that you can use to add watermarks to PDF on Mac, but the best option is WPS Office for Mac. WPS Office’s watermark tool not only permits you to add watermarks to a single PDF file but also to add watermarks to bunches of PDF documents as well.WPS Office for Mac is a comfortable-to-use software that is consistent with Mac operating system. For Windows users, I give you the safe download link from their official websites. You can download and enjoy 7 days trial without any credit card.

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