How to Annotate PDF on Mac

July 31, 2023974 views

The fact that PDF files may hold any type of information and that many different apps can open them has led to their widespread use by millions of users at this time. Annotations are one benefit this type of file gives among many others. In addition to many other things, you may use them to make changes, add special language, create reminders, clarify things, and more.

Annotation-making software and tools are becoming increasingly widespread, and many of them can be highly customized and customised. However, not all users are interested in it, and just adding the annotations will be more than enough, so if you use a Mac, it will not even be necessary to download and pay for an app.

Steps to Annotate PDF on Mac

Step1. Add Comments to PDF

Launch PDFelement, pick the "Markup" tab, then choose the "Sticky Note" tool to add remarks to your PDF. On add a sticky note comment to the PDF page, click on it next. To begin inputting information, double-click on the yellow comment area. Additionally, you can add text callouts, text boxes, and comments to the page.


Step2. Mark up PDF Text

Under the "Markup" menu, select the "Highlight/Strikethrough/Underline/Squiggly" button. Then pick the text that you wish to underline, strikethrough, or make squiggly. The standard highlight color is yellow. If you would like to, you can alter it.


Step3. Add Stamp to PDF

Go to the "Markup" tab and choose the "Stamp" button. A pop-up window will appear. You can choose whichever stamp you'd like.


Step4. Create Custom Stamp in PDF

You can also have the stamp customized if the stamps offered by this program are insufficient to fulfill your needs. Please choose the "Custom" option after clicking the "Stamp" symbol for this. You can click "Import" to upload the stamp you've designed or press "Create" to begin customizing in the pop-up box.


You can put whatever text you like in the Sample Text box when you decide to make a stamp. After entering, the PREVIEW window will display a preview of the stamp you designed. Additionally, you can deselect the "Date" and "Time" selections if you don't need to display the date and time. Additionally, PDFelement lets you select the stamp's color and shape. After adjusting, click "Done" and position the stamp correctly on the PDF document.


Step5. Draw Shapes in PDF

If you want to add shapes, here are seven types of shapes, such as rectangle, oval, polygon, connected lines, cloud, line, and arrow. You can choose any of them to draw as you desired.


Step6. Add Handwritten Signature to PDF

Returning to the "Markup" page, select the "Signature" icon to add a signature. The "Create Signature" button should be selected in the pop-up box. From there, you have the option of selecting an existing signature or creating a new one by hand. These are your two options for signing documents: you can do it with a mouse or a trackpad. Once you've finished drawing, click "Done" and align the signature.


Step7. Show/Hide Comments

In the right sidebar panel, you will now see an ‘eye’ icon.

Step8. Insert Symbol

This new text annotation feature allows you to insert a symbol that points to a text markup. Using such a feature is often more efficient than adding a text box because the former won’t block the content of the PDF, thereby making it more readable.

To enter a symbol for a comment, click the Insert icon in the annotation toolbar.


Click the document where you want the comment symbol to appear.

Add your comment in the text box provided and click outside it to confirm.


To see the comment, simply click on the symbol where you placed it.


Clicking anywhere else will revert the comment to a symbol display.


Use Preview, which is the Mac's built-in PDF software, if you wish to add simple annotations to your PDF file. It is a free program, although its primary purpose is reading PDF files rather than editing or annotating them. A professional PDF annotator for Mac will probably be necessary if you need to do more than just make simple notes in your PDF.

WPS OFFICE is a simple PDF application for Mac that enables you to intuitively annotate PDF files, especially those running macOS 11. You can choose from any of the annotation tools that are conveniently presented on the toolbar. Additionally, you can edit a PDF file on Mac, convert PDF to other formats, combine PDF files, and manage PDF pages. It is a simple, professional, yet affordable all-in-one PDF solution. 

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