How to Annotate PDF

July 31, 20231.1K views

You've come to the right site if you're wondering how to annotate PDF. A sophisticated PDF annotator tool must be used in order to annotate PDF files on Windows. Some PDF annotation software, however, might be pricey. Thank goodness, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor makes it simple and quick to annotate PDF files without breaking the bank.

Steps to Annotate PDF on Windows

You can annotate PDF files using a variety of comment tools on PDFelement, including highlight, underline, strikethrough, note, shapes, callout, and more. The simplest approach to annotate a PDF can be found by following the comprehensive instructions below.

Step 1. Add Sticky Notes

Click "Comment" > "Note" and then click on the location where you wish to add remarks after opening your PDF document with PDFelement. You can continually add notes if "Keep tool selected" was chosen. A yellow box titled "Note" with a time and editor will display on the side of your page when you double-click the yellow icon.


Step 2. Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough

On the top toolbar, select "Comment," then "Highlight," and then the text you wish to highlight. By default, it will change to a yellow backdrop. To modify the color and opacity, right-click and then choose "Properties." For PDF text, you can also apply underlining and strikethrough.


Step 3. Add Text Box

Select the location where you wish to insert text into your document by clicking "Comment" > "Text Box." Simply right-click and choose "Properties" to modify the text and box's default color. Additionally, you can choose the text and alter its alignment, size, and font style as well as make it bold, italic, or underlined.


Step 4. Draw Shapes

Draw the shape you choose in the PDF by selecting "Comment" > "Rectangle," "Oval," or "Arrow," etc. If you wish to modify this shape's appearance, you may right-click it and choose "Properties" to alter the color or other parameters.


Step 5. Add Callout

Additionally, you can annotate PDFs with callouts using PDFelement. You can insert one or more callouts in PDF by selecting "Comment" > "Callout" for this. Double-click the text-input box to begin typing after that. Additionally, you can modify the callout's and text's appearance by right-clicking it and selecting "Properties."


Step 6. Add Handwritten Signatures Across PDF

Select "Signature" from the drop-down menu, then click "Create" to bring up a new window to add a signature to your PDF document. You have three options for your signature: handwriting it, typing it, or uploading an existing PDF of your handwritten signature. Tap "OK" to finish by adding a signature after you're finished.


Step 7. Measuring Tool

The "Measure" tool is clearly used in documents that incorporate illustrations for measurements, such as maps. To measure something, simply press the "Measure" tool and choose "Distance," "Perimeter," or "Area" according on your needs. Using the pointer, trace the dimensions across the PDF.



An annotation tool helps you add context to what you are reading. Again, WPS Office toolkit enable you to write notes, doodle, and highlight on webpages too. But there's a good chance that you do most of your browsing on Google Chrome. The browser lacks native annotation abilities, but this extension enough to fill the gap.

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