How to Attach PDF in Excel? The Best Tool to Help!

July 31, 20231.3K views

You can learn how to attach PDF in Excel using the WPS office suite for free. The steps are pretty straightforward, and you don’t have to put a lot of time and effort into the job.

To attach a PDF file to the Excel files, you need to learn how to attach PDF in Excel through defined steps we will inform you (+ screenshots) in this post.

Use WPS to Attach PDF in Excel

WPS Office is a free and simpler alternative to Microsoft. It offers a dozen features that help beginners and professionals to do the relevant office tasks dealing with PDFs, Word docs, Spreadsheets, Excel, and more. Attaching WPS to PDF is like any other task you can perform using WPS seamlessly.

Let’s learn how to attach PDF in Excel in less than 5 minutes.

Step1: Launch WPS

Once you have downloaded the WPS office, you must go to the software and click Spreadsheets.


Step2: Add New PDF

You can edit a new file or use an existing Excel file to begin learning how to attache PDF in Excel.


Step3: Click ‘Insert’ from the Menu Bar

After selecting the Excel file, you have to click ‘Insert’ from the menu bar.


Step4: Click ‘File Object’

After the file is opened and you have clicked ‘Insert’, you’ll have a drop down menu. Click ‘File Object’ which will open a window for you to upload your files.


Step5: Upload PDF to Excel

The last step in your lesson on how to attach PDF in Excel is to select the files you want to upload.


Click open and your PDF file will be added to the Excel sheet.


It will be the last step, and your files will be ready to use.


Adding a PDF file to any excel sheet is an easy task using the WPS office. No matter if you use Windows, Mac, or other frameworks, the WPS is available to you for free. You can edit, convert, merge, and split your files online and offline.

Anyone can use the basic as well as advanced features for absolutely free and without a hassle.

Here’s a download link and it only takes a few minutes to download and use the software. You can start your free trial today!

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