How to Attach Photo in PDF

July 31, 20231.2K views

To attach a photo to a PDF makes it is essential if you want to provide a vivid explanation to your readers. Also, attaching photos to PDF makes the document eye-catching and attractive to your readers. You might have come across different ways in which you can attach photos to PDF files, but you are not satisfied with them. In this article, we'll discuss how you can add images to PDFs in different ways. Although there aren't many ways available to insert pictures, we've found some tools by which you can easily insert any photo into your PDF document.

Steps to Attach Photo in PDF

To attach photo to PDF, you require a special tool called a PDF editor. Although most browsers are great for viewing and annotating PDF documents, you can only insert images into the PDF if the tool you are using allows you to edit the content of this file format. The biggest advantage of using such software applications or even online services is that the PDF file can be restored to its original format without editing it. You can do it directly from within the tool without all the hassle of converting back and forth into a different format. This will greatly improve your productivity, especially if you are a creative professional and work within a stressful period. 

The first method involves importing your image into the PDF document after putting the latter in Edit mode. This mode allows you to change existing text, images, and other objects in your target document. This is one of the most important features of a true PDF editor because most tools that claim to be PDF editors will only allow you to mask the content and add on top of it instead of letting you remove and replace it. Let's see how it works:

Step1. Click "Add Attachment"

On opening the program, you need to upload the PDF file to the program. Click on "Open File", choose the appropriate PDF file, and then open it with the program. Now, once the file appears on the program, click on the "Comment" button, and then click on the "Add Attachment" option. This option is at the far right of the formatting bar.


Step2. Select Photo to Attach to PDF

Next, a window will appear that allows you to browse existing photos on your computer. Here you can browse the photos and select the appropriate one that you want to attach to your PDF file by clicking on the "Open" button.


Step3. Attach Photo in PDF Successfully

You will then see the attachment icon on the screen that appears like a pin. Click on the "Attachment" button at the left panel on the screen to successfully attach the photo.


Step4. Open Attachment (Optional)

From there, you can opt to open the attachment that you have just made. Still, on the attachment option on the left panel, right-click on the attachment and choose the "Open Attachment" option.


Step5. Edit Attachment Properties (Optional)

Another thing that you can do with the attached photo is to edit the attachment proprieties. Again, right-click on the image attachment and select "Proprieties" from the drop-down menu. Under the properties, you can edit the author, subject, and description. Under the appearance menu, you can change the opacity, size, and color.

Once you are done, close the properties and save the changes.



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