How to Combine JPG to PDF with SwifDoo PDF

July 31, 20231.4K views

JPG (or JPEG) is one of the most popular image formats. At times, you may need to share a series of JPG pictures or screenshots, if sending them one by one, it is cumbersome for recipients to view. A good method to avoid the hassle is to combine all these JPG images into one PDF file and send them in one go. 

When it comes to combining JPG files into a PDF, the straightforward way might be inserting the JPG images into a Word document and then exporting Word as PDF. The method is similar to what we use to create a PDF file with images in Google Drive (as shown in our FAQ part at the end of the post). This is workable but not productive.

To merge multiple JPG files into a PDF file efficiently with minimal effort, there are offline and online programs to use.

As offline programs, also known as desktop programs, users can choose the right product according to their operating systems. On Windows, SwifDoo PDF is a good one for combining JPG images into one PDF document. For macOS users, the native photo and PDF viewer, Preview can help.

Concerning any online converter, jpg2pdf is available for free. Besides, combining JPG images into one PDF is easy to be accomplished through Google Docs in Google Drive, File Explorer, and the virtual Microsoft PDF printer.

The following content will explain how to combine JPG files into a PDF with these methods or programs respectively.

How to Combine JPG Images into One PDF with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a multi-featured PDF application applicable to Windows 7 and Windows 8/10/11 users. It has 30+ PDF tools that enable you to swiftly edit, compress, split, rotate PDF documents, and more.

The program can act as a powerful JPG to PDF converter. It lets you easily combine a group of JPG images into one PDF file, or convert them to multiple individual PDFs. If you want to organize all the images on the same page, use the PDF creating feature in the application to create a blank PDF page and insert images into it.


Free download SwifDoo PDF software and launch it;


Click PDF to Word or PDF to Image in the home interface;



In the pop-up SwifDoo PDF Converter window, choose Image to PDF in the left pane, then drag and drop your JPG images to the interface. After all, images are added, you can drag them to rearrange the order;



Make sure you select the Create a PDF Document. Hit the Page Size drop-down menu to set the orientation and size of the PDF pages; 


Choose an output path to save the converted PDF. Press the Start button to combine the JPGs into one PDF file.

The method above is used to combine multiple JPG (JPEG) files into a PDF with different pages. That means if you choose 2 JPG images for merging, the PDF is created with 2 pages. What if you need to merge 2 JPG images into one page in a PDF? Read on to find out.

Edit Your PDF Files Easily with WPS Office

If you often work with PDF documents, it's recommended to get a desktop PDF application instead of using a web-based tool. The former is always more powerful and safe. For Windows users, WPS Office  can meet your needs very well.

As a JPG to PDF converter or PDF combiner, WPS Office  enables you to merge multiple images or PDF files into one PDF in just seconds, without losing quality. On top of that, it is also a PDF compressor, PDF splitter, PDF editor, and so on. Encompassing a full set of PDF features, WPS Office  will help you be more productive with your work.

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