How to Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat on Mac

July 31, 2023304 views

Despite the fact that PDF files are frequently used for document sharing and archiving, there are situations when combining numerous PDF files, without acrobat on mac, into one is necessary for management or presentation purposes. The popular PDF merging tool Adobe Acrobat has to be subscribed to or purchased. Fortunately, there are other ways to combine PDF files on a Mac without using Acrobat, such as web applications and desktop programmes. This post will walk you through the procedure and present the suggested remedy, WPS Office software.

How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat on Mac

If you're using a desktop, you may combine PDF files without Adobe Acrobat using a number of built-in programmes. The Preview application, which comes with your Mac, can be used. Use these procedures to integrate numerous PDFs in Preview:

  • Launch Preview and open the first PDF.

  • Choose "Thumbnails" under the "View" option.

  • Choose the page thumbnail you wish to include in the other PDF from the sidebar.

  • Drag the thumbnail of the selected page to the sidebar of the PDF you wish to include it in.

  • For each additional page you want to add, repeat steps 3 and 4.

  • To save the newly combined PDF, click "File" and choose "Export as PDF".

You can download a PDF merger app from the ITunes Store or Google Play Store if you're using a mobile device. You may combine numerous PDF files into one document using a variety of free programmes. The PDF Merger - Combine PDF app, which is readily available for both iOS and Android devices, is one well-liked programme.

How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat on Mac in Browser

The majority of contemporary browsers also include built-in PDF merging features. the methods below to merge PDF files in Chrome:

  1. Go to the first PDF you wish to include in the other document by opening Chrome and going there.

  2. Choose "Google Chrome" from the list of "Open with" options when you right-click the PDF.

  3. Click the Print button in the Chrome tab.

  4. Choose "Save as PDF" from the Destination dropdown option in the Print dialogue box.

  5. The "Save" option will allow you to download the PDF.

  6. For each PDF you want to include in the document, repeat steps 1 through 5.

  7. With Chrome, open the first Document and choose "View" then "Thumbnails."

  8. Drag the page thumbnails from one PDF's sidebar and drop them into the other PDF’s sidebar.

  9. The newly merged PDF document should be saved.

Using Tips to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat on Mac

  • Make sure the PDF files are all saved in the same folder for convenience before merging them.

  • It's advisable to rename the PDF files in a logical and sequential order, such as "Document1.pdf," "Document2.pdf," and so forth, to prevent misunderstanding.

  • Choose a reputable and trustworthy website that provides this service for free or a fee to combine PDF files online. SmallPDF, PDF Merge, and WPS PDF Merge are a few popular choices.

  • Consider installing WPS Office and using its PDF Merge tool if you want to utilize Mac applications. Before committing to a subscription or purchase, users can try out WPS Office's features for free.

  • Open the WPS Writer programme and select the "PDF" option to combine PDF files with WPS Office. Choose "Combine" and the PDF files you want to combine from there. Before combining the files, you can also change their order.

  • If you have trouble combining PDF files, consider restarting your computer or clearing the cache in your browser. For support, you can also consult online discussion boards or speak with customer service.

  • Make sure to save the new file with a different name after you've successfully combined your PDF files to avoid overwriting the originals. The combined PDF file can be further edited or changed using WPS Office or other software applications.

FAQs on How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat on Mac

Q: Can I combine PDF files on a Mac without Adobe Acrobat for nothing?

A: Yes, you can combine PDF files on a Mac using a variety of free web tools without downloading Adobe Acrobat. The WPS Office PDF converter is one such utility. It makes it simple and quick to combine many PDF files into one document.

Q: What are the benefits of combining PDF files on a Mac with WPS Office?

A: When merging PDF files on a Mac, WPS Office has a number of benefits. The first benefit is that it is totally free to use, saving you money on pricey programmes like Adobe Acrobat. It is also a lightweight, user-friendly tool that is simple to use even for new users. Last but not least, it provides a variety of customization choices that let you change the page size, orientation, and other settings to fit your requirements.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

In conclusion, there are several simple ways to combine PDF files on a Mac without using Acrobat. While some techniques might need some technical know-how, adopting WPS Office software offers a simple and effective option. Users can download WPS Office for a free trial, merge PDF files online, and upgrade to gain access to more sophisticated capabilities. Users may concentrate on their current duties while saving time and effort by combining PDF files using WPS Office. For a hassle-free PDF combining experience, we strongly advise downloading WPS Office.

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