How to Compress Image to PDF Free Online

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The process of compressing an image is easy and simple but when it needs to compress and convert together that makes some difficulties. Sometimes image files are very large to send and share via certain channels. It would take more time and data made it impossible to complete the process. But the process we are talking about is simple and easy when we use the right compress tool.

You need dependable and reliable online and offline tools to compress Images to pdf. Today I am showing you some best reliable online and offline tools to compress images to pdf. You can also know which tool is best for compressing and how we use those tools.

Utilize WPS Office to compress Image to PDF


With Wps office you can definitely compress images to pdf offline right on your pc desktop, Mac, or windows computer. When you want to compress online WPS offers you their WPS pdf tools to work for any pdf files. You can easily do with its compressing image to pdf file reducing features. Here are the steps we follow to compress an image to pdf are given below:


Open WPS Office on your Windows, Mac, and Android then go to the Home window.

Select Picture to PDF folder


Choose your large image from your browser and select convert to pdf


It opens a new PDF Compression window where you can choose file size.

We select normal file size. Press compress file.


It reduces 43 KB smaller than the original file size.

Use pdfFiller to compress Image to PDF


pdfFiller is widely used for Image to PDF file compression. It is an online tool where you can convert and compress at the same time. Here we discuss the process of compressing images into pdf files.

Go to the online pdfFiller where you can compress images to 100kb PDF easily.

Browse an image from your computer


The original file size is 1.94 MB and it is selected to compress to PDF.

Press the marking box button and it is ready to compress.


See, how easily it comes for downloading the compressed image to a PDF file.


Use bigpdf to compress Image to pdf Easily


Bigpdf is a dependable and reliable compressing image to pdf tool. We use bigpdf 11Zon for its quicker compressor features. Some steps are given below:

Open bigpdf image to pdf compressor from online

Select your photo from your devices.


It opens a new window and displays the file size and also what types of image quality you are trying to convert to pdf.

Here we choose Medium size and press convert to PDF.



See, how quickly and easily the Image file is compressed to 176KB from its original size 1.9MB.

Click the download PDF button.

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Image file is needed to compress when you have to send your image file with another format like PDF you must know the compression process because both file formats need a large space. We see some best online and offline tools to compress images to PDF files Which tool process do you like to write the comments section? we have recommended you the WPS Office suite because its supporting formation is compatible with Microsoft or adobe for any type of PDF file. WPS Office is widely used for its online converting tools and you can download easily from WPS PDF tools and enjoy the premium service.

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