How to Convert ACSM to PDF

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When you purchase an e-book from a public domain or public library, what you get is an ACSM file. To read ACSM files on more devices, the best way is to convert ACSM to PDF, which is supported by near all e-book reading devices. As a result, you may find your e-books downloaded in ACSM format can’t be opened by your e-book reader. How can we do the conversion? ACSM, short for Adobe Content Server Message, is a form of digital rights management used by Adobe to distribute Adobe e-books. It is actually not an e-book format but the link to the e-book. 

Steps to Convert ACSM to PDF with Adobe

Adobe’s free desktop software, Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), is the recommended tool to read ACSM files. Once you open your ACSM files with ADE, they’ll be immediately saved as PDF or EPUB documents. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Install Adobe Digital Editions. Click here to download and install Adobe ADE to your computer.

Step 2. Authorize Adobe ADE with your Adobe ID. Launch ADE, go to Help->Authorize computer and input your Adobe ID and password to authorize the current computer. If you don’t have an Adobe ID yet, simply click “Create an Adobe ID” and follow the steps to create one.

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Step 3. Open ACSM File with Adobe ADE. Now find your ACSM file and right-click the file, select “Open with > Adobe Digital Editions”. Once the ACSM file is opened, Adobe ADE would automatically download it as an EPUB or PDF file. And you can find the file under C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Digital Editions.

However, sometimes you may get epub files instead of the expected PDF files. 

In addition, the books you download from ACSM files can only be read with the same Adobe Account. If you plan to read these books on other devices, you’ll have to remove your Adobe Account in the former computer.

Hereby, we'd like to recommend you another eBook converting tool to accurately convert your original ACSM files to PDF format and read them on unlimited devices.

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Steps to Convert ACSM to PDF with eBook Converter

Any eBook Converter enables us to convert eBooks to PDF format with three simple steps. Before we get started, please have eBook Converter well installed on your computer.

Step 1. Add eBooks to eBook Converter. Launch eBook Converter, the program will automatically recognize your existent books. Drag and drop the PDF or EPUB files downloaded by ADE or click the Add button to import the books to the program.

Convert ACSM to PDF with eBook Converter

Step 2. Select PDF Format. Click “V” on the bottom and choose “PDF” as the output format. And by clicking the “Settings” button on the upper right, you can customize the output path for the converted books.

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Step 3. Click “Convert to PDF” button to Start Conversion. Click Convert to PDF button to start converting your original ACSM file books to PDF format. Once the conversion is done, the program will show you a successful status.

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Step 4. After conversion, you can click the “History” button on the upper right or directly going to the output path you set in the previous step to find the converted PDF file on your local computer.

To conclude, ADE is essential to open an ACSM file, but to accurately convert your original ACSM files to PDF format or to read the ACSM books on unlimited devices at the same time, Any eBook Converter is the useful tool for you.

Using Tips to Convert ACSM to PDF

  • When attempting to convert an ACSM file to a PDF, be sure the computer or other device has your permission. By doing this, you can be sure that the file will be unlocked and will open without any problems.

  • Before downloading the ACSM file, make sure your internet connection is reliable. This is due to the fact that before the file can be converted to PDF, it must first be downloaded and allowed.

  • Utilize a trusted and respected online converter, such as the WPS PDF Converter, to convert your ACSM file to PDF. By doing this, you can be confident that your file will be converted quickly, accurately, and without losing any formatting or data.

  • Make sure to select the appropriate output format (PDF) when converting the file, and make any necessary settings adjustments—like page size and orientation—as well.

  • Ensure that the PDF file has been reviewed after conversion to make sure that all of the material has been accurately converted and that there are no formatting or layout errors.

  • To ensure that the converted PDF file may be viewed and shared as needed, store it to a safe area on your computer or device. 

FAQs on Convert ACSM to PDF

Q1: Can I convert ACSM to PDF on a Mac using WPS Office software?

A: Yes, the WPS Office programme works on Macs, and it comes with a function that can convert ACSM to PDF.

Q2: Can I get a free ACSM to PDF conversion?

A: Yes, there are free resources available for converting ACSM to PDF, like the free trials of WPS Office and

Try to convert ACSM to PDF with WPS Office

It is clear now how to convert word to pdf. You can use online converters, ACSM to PDF apps or software, and so on. You have to use WPS Office Editions to remove DRM since most ACSM files are Adobe DRM-protected files.

Downloading WPS Office is highly advised if you want to make PDF conversion jobs easier. WPS Office can assist you in rapidly and effectively converting your ACSM files to PDF because of its user-friendly interface, robust features, and support for a number of file types. Additionally, you can download the software's free trial edition and use it for a free trial. Hence, WPS Office is definitely worth a try if you're seeking for a dependable and user-friendly PDF converter. With the increased technological growth, it is simple to convert different file formats such as html to pdf, heic to pdf. Also, ACSM, DXF, PDF, Word, PPT, among others, into different output formats such as PDF, EMF, DXF, EPS, ERF, and many more by using WPS office.

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