How to Convert DOCX to PDF

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The DOCX file format is a file extension used by Microsoft word. The format is based on the open XML standard and is the direct predecessor of the DOC file format available in Word 2003 and earlier versions. To enable easy sharing of your document among other benefits, you may need to convert your DOCX file to a PDF. this article is about how to convert DOCX to PDF using several methods and tools available.

Difference between DOCX and DOC format


There are no big differences between the DOCX and the DOC format, both being Microsoft word documents. however, it is worth noting that with the DOC extension, the document is saved in a binary file. This binary file contains related formatting as well as other data which is useful to the document. With the DOCX on the other hand, the file is compressed in a zip format having the XML file related to the document.

Other differences also exist such as the fact that DOC is an older version available in Word 2003 while the DOCX is a newer version available in Word 2007 and later versions. DOCX is also considered to be an open standard while the DOC is proprietary.

How is DOCX Better than DOC

It is more advantageous to work with DOCX than to work with DOC. This is why this article tries to explain how to convert DOCX to PDF. the advantages of working with DOCX include:

  • It creates much smaller and lighter files which can easily be converted to pdf
  • The documents with the DOCX extension are also easier to open and read
  • They are easy to transfer
  • Repairing a damaged DOCX file is also easier, unlike the DOC file.

How to convert DOCX to PDF on Desktop

1-Using MS word on Windows

MS word is the main software that deals with the DOCX files and therefore you can use it to convert them to PDF. here are the steps to follow:

Step1: with the document open in Word, click on ‘File’ in the top left corner


Step2: in the pop-up window that appears, click on ‘Export’


Step3: you will have several options. Choose the ‘Create PDF/XPS Document’ option


Step4:continue to select the save location of your PDF

Step5: Finally, click on ‘Publish’ and others create your PDF.

2-Using Word on Mac

With Mac, the process is slightly different. Below are the steps on how to convert DOCX to PDF on Mac:

Step1: with your DOCX document opened in MS word, click on ‘File’ to reveal a drop-down menu

Step2: in the menu, click on ‘Save As’ to open a new window in which you are supposed to enter the PDF file name.

Step3: choose where you want your document saved next

Step4: at the bottom of the window, select ‘File Format’ and click on PDF in the pop-up window that appears.

Step5: finish the process by clicking ‘Export’

How to convert DOCX to PDF Online

Several online tools can help you with converting a DOCX file to a PDF. they are better because you can do the conversion anywhere and anytime using any device. One such tool is the WPS Word to PDF converter.

The WPS PDF Converter

WPS PDF has online PDF tools that do various conversions including converting your DOCX files to PDF. below are the steps to follow:

Step1: Visit the WPS PDF website and click on the ‘Word to PDF’ converter tool

Step2: in the next window, click on the ‘Select Word File’ button and choose the appropriate file from your device

Step3: wait for the upload to be successful and for conversion to start automatically

Step4: click on the ‘Download’ button to get your PDF

Why WPS PDF is the best

WPS PDF word to PDF converter is the best online tool to use. This is because:

The tool is free to use

It is supported across all platforms since you do not require a specific device

It does not limit the number of DOCX documents you can convert to PDF

There are other tools online that you can use although less efficient than the WPS PDF converter. These include such tools as SmallPDF and even Adobe Acrobat. To find out more about how to convert DOCX to PDF and also download the WPS office, visit here

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