How to Convert Image to PDF in Google Drive & WPS Office for Free 2022

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Images are usually stored on your phone or computer in a JPEG format. But if you fancy a PDF file of your photo, you need converter software to convert the image to a PDF file. PDF format can’ve a one-step ahead resolution of your images, where quality is not compromised. PDF files can compress the existing size of your image without disrupting the pixels of your image.

There’re numerous free online and offline options available in the market, but we mainly focus on “How to convert image to PDF in Google Drive & WPS Office”.

How to Convert Image to PDF in WPS Office Offline for Free

WPS Office has a simple and friendly interface. First, you need to install the WPS application on your computer or iPhone if you want offline cconversions.

Below is the list of steps to Convert Images to PDF in WPS Office:

Step 1: Open the WPS application on your iPhone, Computer or Mac.

Step 2: Under the roof of WPS, click on the Picture to PDF button; you will see a popup where you can drag or drop the image or select the PLUS(+) button to pick the Image location.


Step 3: After Selecting the image location, Select the Convert button and define the location where you want to export the file.


Step 4: Make your choice based on the options.

How to Convert Image to PDF in Google Drive for free

Here we blueprint free options on how to convert Image to PDF in Google Drive. Google Drive offers cloud storage services to store all kinds of files and folders safely. Google Drive has all the cool features that everyone most probably likes. Conversion of images into PDF by using Google Drive is better rather than choosing other options.

Step-by-step guide on how to convert image to PDF in Google Drive is given below:

Step 1: Open Google Drive and log in with your Google account.

Step 2: Inside Google Drive, Click on the “My Drive'' option and in the drop-down menu, Select “Google Docs” and then Blank Document.


Step 3: You’ll see a blank document of Google Docs; click on the INSERT option in the menu bar ,again a drop-down list will appear, go to the Image button and select the image location.


Step 4: After selecting the image location, Click the file > download and select the PDF Document.


Step 5: Later the downloading of the PDF file will start .

Final Words

The purpose of converting Image to PDF is that the PDF is a universal and easy-to-read document, providing several options like document security and maintenance of formating.

With all the cool features, WPS Office allows you to convert different documents in your desired format.If you want an easy solution for “how to convert image to pdf in google drive & WPS Office”,then don’t forget to Download WPS Software.

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