How to Convert PDF to Image on Mac?

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PDFs are the expected standard for sending forms or non-editable documents. In addition to being primarily used for documents, you may also find PDFs in use with images. But as it turns out, sharing documents—the ones with pictures—or image files in the PDF format isn't wise, as the file size of a PDF file is considerably larger than a regular JPG or PNG file and requires a  PDF viewer to be edited. So unless you need an image in PDF format, your best bet is to convert it into one of the popular image formats, like JPG or PNG. You want to know how to convert PDF to image on Mac? Continue reading!

Read on for these tools that help you learn how to convert PDF to image on Mac.

1. Use the Shortcuts Apps to Convert PDF to Image on Mac

The Mac has a Shortcuts app that performs several actions quickly. With a Siri shortcut to change PDFs to images is easy.  

  • Unlock the Shortcuts app and click the plus button.

  • Look for Make Image and double-click Make Image from PDF Page to add it to the shortcut.

  • Click the blue PDF word and set it to Shortcut Input. 

  •  If there's no input, click Continue and choose to Ask For > Files.

  • Type Save File in the search box on the top-right and add a double-tick to add this action to the shortcut.

  • Click the settings icon from the top right. Use Quick Action. 

  • Give the shortcut a name. You can customize the icon.

  • Click the tiny red button to save and close the window. You built the shortcut to convert all pages of a PDF to images on Mac.

  • Right-click on a PDF in Finder and choose Quick Actions > Shortcut name. It'll take a few seconds to process. After that, select a location to save the PDF pages as images and click Open.

All PDF pages will be saved as single images.

2. Use Automator to Convert PDF to Image on Mac

Automator is a powerful Mac app that lets you automate many tasks on your Mac. It comes in handy when you need to convert multiple PDFs to images.

Launch Automator on your Mac. Open Spotlight Search and search for Automator, go into Applications, and double-click on Automator.

  • Select Quick Action and click Choose.

  • Click the dropdown button next to Workflow to receive current and select PDF files.

  • Tap the text box next to Variables and search for the Render PDF Pages as Images action.

  • Drag the action to the empty window on the right.

  • Tap on the dropdown next to Format and select your desired output format from the dropdown list.

  • Slide the compression slider to adjust file compression to your needs, and similarly, set the resolution if required.

  • Again, tap on the search box and search for Move Finder Items.

  • Drag it below the current action on the right window.

  • Tap on the dropdown next to To and select the output folder where you want to save the converted image. 

  • Click on File in the menu bar and select Save. Alternatively, hit the command+S shortcut to bring up the save menu.

  • Give your action a name and hit Save to save it.

  • To convert a PDF to JPG (or image file format), pop on it and choose Quick Actions > PDF to JPG. Automator will transform your image file and save it to the specified file location on your Mac.

3. Convert PDF to Image on Mac with WPS

The WPS Office PDF converter application makes it easy to change PDF files to JPG photos.

To view the PDF:

  1. Start WPS Office.

  2. Open the PDF export button in the right pane.

  3. After you've chosen the image, select JPEG as the export format. When the dialog box appears, select export, then save.

  4. Decide where to save the File, and click the save button.

All pages are saved as a separate JPEG file in the PDF.

Use it even when there is no network connection and transfer files in batches on a secure platform free of malware and ads. It's safe. Adding drag-and-drop, a command-line interface, and a small interface makes it even more appealing.

Use one of these options to make a black-and-white image or keep the original colors. Allows you to convert PDF files into various high-quality JPEG image formats. The Free WPS PDF to JPG Converter will enable you to password-protect your files.

Using Tips for WPS Office

With this, you can easily convert PDFs into images that can be used for presentations, web designs, or even printing. In addition, PDF to Image also supports batch conservation, meaning you can convert multiple PDF files into images at once.

This app is also highly customizable, allowing you to adjust settings such as DPI, color depth, and more. As a result, you can ensure that your PDF-to-image conservation is of the highest quality.

FAQs about WPS

Have you learned how to convert PDF to image on Mac? Considering this, the need for a free download of the WPS PDF to JPG converter software for Mac is obvious.

Which operating systems does WPS office support?

WPS office is available for WIndows, Mac, Linux, Iphone and Android.

Why people find WPS a better option?

People felt this software appealing because of its nature, quick conversions, and user-friendly design. Moreover, the program from includes many innovative features that ensure the original File's Format and layout are preserved even after conversion. Download WPS Office now!

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