How to Convert PDF to JPG Online? Stay on task with WPS PDF!

August 9, 2022 |

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How to Convert PDF to JPG Online? Stay on task with WPS PDF!
In this article, you will learn:
  1. How to Convert PDF to JPG Online?

  2. Wrapping Up

We need to view, edit and share documents freely online daily to continue with the important office tasks.

WPS Office offers a wide range of convenient and time-saving features to the users simultaneously. The features include conversions of PDF to JPG or image files, PDF to PPT, and more.

If you are thinking about how to convert PDF files into JPG online through all ends of PCs and mobile devices, WPS is the tool for you. Read the guide below to learn more about PDF online conversions in 2022.

Being highly compatible with MS Office, WPS presents a similar interface to a huge audience. Some of its features are:

  • The Writer with spell check
  • Efficient PDF converter
  • Multi-tab facility
  • Tool for paragraph adjustments
  • Drag and drop table option
  • Group converts hyperlinks etc.

How to Convert PDF to JPG Online?

You can use PDF Converter to turn PDF files into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Picture files online and vice versa. Take the conversion of PDF to JPG as an example.

The process of converting your PDF to JPG online includes the following easy steps:

1-Click the Tools tab.


2-Click PDF to Picture.


3-Customize the settings for the conversion. This includes:

  • Converted image format
  • Watermark
  • Pages,
  • Quality and more.


Note: You can select output By Page or output by a Long picture as you desire. The basic users use simple WPS functions. While Premium users enjoy extensive features that helps them learning how to convert PDF to JPG online.

The premium features include customizing watermarks and having to decide on image quality. Users can also adjust Page range, Text Color, Opacity, Rotation, Size, and Watermark Tile.

4-Finally, select the location where you wish your image should be saved.

5-Click on Export to generate the result.


This is how to convert PDF to JPG online, free and fast. Isn’t it easy? Easily convert your PDFs to Picture (JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF).

Wrapping Up

Above is how to convert PDF to JPG online in 2022. You can always use powerful PDFs in your daily life hassle-free.

Now, while viewing a PDF file, you can save the content of your file as an image. You have seen the steps in the blog above. WPS is also available as a mobile app as it happens to be an all-in-one platform.

You are sure to master the file converting skills after reading this guide!

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