How to Convert PDF to MOBI Using WPS PDF?

July 31, 2023619 views

If you're a writer, you understand the publishing requirements for different platforms when launching your books. There's PDF, and then there's MOBI file format. Publishing your books in MOBI is a reader-friendly approach, available on multiple reader's platforms.

But no worries if your file is in PDF.

You won't have to think about how to convert PDF to MOBI using smart software. You can easily convert your PDF to MOBI in a few seconds. You can use the tool's PDF suite to edit, convert, merge or split your PDF files into the MOBI format.

Read this guide to convert PDF to MOBI with a visual demonstration.

Steps for Converting PDF to MOBI

You can follow the steps and learn how to convert PDF to MOBI using software like WPS PDF by installing relevant tools on Windows and Mac for free.

Using Calibre, an eBook App

Caliber is an eBook management application you can download on Windows for free. Let's see how to convert PDF to MOBI files.


1-Download the Calibre app.

2-Access Calibre's menu (Windows: Start menu, Mac: Applications Box)

3-Click 'Add books,' which is the first option in the menu. A window will open up.


4-Upload PDF on the file.

5-Click convert books and select 'MOBI' as your preferred format.

6-Click 'OK' and download the file.

Using Converter365, a Conversion App

Converter365 is a user-friendly application that lets users convert different audio, picture, files, or documents.


1-Go to

2-Click 'Add Files

3-Upload the PDF file you wish to convert.

4-Click 'Convert' or 'OK'

5-Save the file to your laptop

The app will take only a few seconds to provide the file in the desired format.

PDF Conversions Using WPS PDF

WPS PDF is an office tool that covers the entire PDF suite for users to edit, convert and customize their file formats. The tool has a straightforward, clean interface that is easy to use and offers quicker turnaround times. You can save the PDF to Picture or merge PDFs as you like and in any format without hassle.


There are a couple of tools that support seamless PDF conversions, and WPS PDF is one of the top rated. It offers you premium features risk-free and with no hidden charges. You can simply download it from the web and the tool works online and offline which makes it the best choice for users.

Download WPS today and streamline your PDF conversions.

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