How to Convert PDF to Text File in 2022? An Easy Guide for Beginners

July 31, 20231.2K views

We often need to convert non-editable PDF files to Word format. It is when we want to undo or alter the permanent PDF content format and make changes.

As a beginner in the IT field, you will question yourself about how to convert PDF to text file since it will be a part of your daily life. But, it may seem intimidating but with some additional help by different free tools and services that provide beginner friendly conversion online and offline, you can do the job in the simplest manner.

This article shows you how to convert PDF to Text file using one such tool i.e. WPS PDF.

PDF to Text or Word File Conversion

We can view PDFs in the easily available Adobe Reader for free. But what if your system does not have the software installed or cannot access it? You cannot read any PDF doc in this case. This is when you need to learn how to convert PDF to text file.

You can convert your PDF to a Word document option and access the file instantly on your Windows or MAC.

Lets teach you how to convert PDF to a text file online in 2022.

Here are the steps:

1-Launch WPS software on your device.

2-Load the PDF file you wish to convert into a Word document.

3-Click on the Home tab.


4-Head to the PDF to Word menu, and click on it.


1-Click on the Tools tab.


2-Click on the PDF to Word button. This lets you enter the conversion interface.


3-In the pop-up window, confirm the PDF file you need to convert.


4-Enter the page range in the Page Range section.

5-You are also allowed to select the content Language.

6-Click on Add Files if you need to convert more PDF files there and then.


Note that you can also choose the storage format of the file by clicking on Settings to enter the Setting options dialogue box.


You can now set the layout of the converted file in the Convert Mode section. By selecting Restore all layout, format, and content, if you instruct to retain only the format and content. To restore everything, use the text box.

We can set a time limit in the Timeout Setting area. If the progress is in place and the time is up, WPS will stop the conversion by itself.

Now it's time to talk about Auto Open. We do not need to open the file manually when the conversion completes. WPS opens itself. Not only that, but we also get to store our converted files.

7-When you click the Start button, this PDF file converts into a Word document.


Now you know how to convert PDF to Text file. Isn't it easy?

Download WPS Office for Android, Windows, and MAC to make your work life easy online and offline in 2022.

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