How to Convert PDF to Transparent PNG in Two easy Steps

July 31, 2023984 views

If you are looking for the solution to this problem how to convert pdf to transparent png, you have reached the right website. In this article, You will know about this topic and this article is best for solving your problem. Often times people want to convert pdf to word files, excel files, and Jpeg. It is very rare that people have to convert PDF to Png.

Many useless software is available on the internet that may frustrate you and waste your time precious time. We have a software called WPS Office. It is reliable software. With the help of this, you can easily solve your problem. In this article, we provide two easy ways to Convert pdf to transparent png.

What is WPS Office PDF Converter:

WPS Office has an online free pdf converter and editor tool. It is one of the best tools that helps you with all pdf works. It is used to convert pdf to images, word files, excel files, and ppt files, also it can be used to compress, merge, and split the pdf. You can easily download it from this website.

Why convert PDF to transparent png:

In the PDF files, images can't be shown better and they lost their real purpose. So that, in some cases it is very necessary to convert Pdf to transparent png.

How to convert Pdf to Transparent Png in 2022:

If you want to convert Pdf to transparent png without any frustration. Follow these two simple steps.

Step 1: Convert Pdf to Image:

The First step is to convert the pdf into an image. With the WPS office, you can easily perform this work.

  • First of all, open the WPS PDF.
  • Click on the “recommended features” option.
  • Then select “PDF to Image”.
  • Browse PDF from the file and open it.
  • After all, click on the export button, and your pdf is now converted to image.


Step 2: Convert Image to transparent png:

After the first step is completed, the second step is to convert the image to transparent png. WPS office makes it easy for you. Follow this guide to perform your work better and fast.

  • Go to the WPS office and open the word document with the image you want to convert.
  • At the top bar, an option of a picture tool is displayed.
  • Click the picture tool.
  • After that click on “set transparent color”.
  • An eye-dropper will appear here. With this eye dropper click on the picture.
  • And your picture becomes transparent.

After this simple and 100% working process your PDF is converted into transparent png.



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