How to Convert PDF to Word Online? Step by Step Guide!

July 26, 2022 |

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How to Convert PDF to Word Online? Step by Step Guide!
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You may think converting your PDF documents into editable word documents is a complex task. But, with WPS PDF, you have the simplest way to convert the file. The entire process will become as easy as 1-2-3!

Launch your WPS PDF. You will see multiple options like ‘Edit PDF’ or ‘PDF to Word’ in the toolbar on the home page. You can use any of these useful options and get what you need only in a few clicks.

Continue reading this free guide if you want to learn about converting PDF to Word in the WPS interface.

Easy Steps to Convert PDF to Word Online with WPS PDF

The biggest benefit of using PDFs is their confidentiality. Being one of the most reliable file formats, it protects the data from refurbishing, regardless of where you view it.

But, if you desire to make changes to the PDF file, you only have to click on the home page option that suits your current requirement. Yes, it is that easy!

Follow these easy steps to know how to convert PDF to Word document in 2022.

Step 1: Load WPS Home

After loading the WPS PDF, you will see its home screen. The options are crystal clear. Here is how the WPS Office Home Screen looks:


You can choose the option PDF to Word from any of the toolbars.

Step 2: Click PDF to Word Option

You will see the following window after clicking on the 'PDF to Word' option.


You will see quite a visible box with the option 'Add Files.' Click on the 'Add files.' Another window will pop up.


Here you have to select the file's path and the file name. Select 'Open' to load the PDF file onto the WPS PDF to Word-converter page.

Step 3: Edit PDF

The WPS will load the Word Editor. You can make the desired edits to the document. Once you’re done, save your file as the file type .docx.

Note: You can use the Save As option from the WPS menu on the top left of the home screen.


Here you go!

You can always edit the document after converting it to Word. You can also use WPS PDF offline.

The Outro

We hope that you have learned how to convert PDF to Word the easiest way in 2022. WPS makes converting PDFs to Word as easy as the blink of an eye.

The friendly interface empowers users to easily understand and navigate the options for instant optimum results.

Click on the link below to download WPS on your Windows.

WPS Office Download

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