How to Convert PPT to PDF on Mac: 3 Easy Methods

July 31, 20231.2K views

We often need to convert our Powerpoint or PPT file to PDF so that it won't change when we open it on other devices. Keeping this in mind I have come up with the best tools to convert your PPT file to your precious PDF extension on Mac. The problem is if you have added audio inside your PPT file, you will lose it after converting to PDF.

3 Simple Methods to Convert PPT to PDF on Mac

In the following, I have shared 3 simple and easy tricks with some of the best-known tools to convert PPT to PDF on Mac.

1-Utilize the WPS Office to Convert PPT to PDF

WPS Office is one of the best tools to read and convert any type of file. Just follow the steps below to convert the PPT format to a PDF extension.


Above all, open the WPS Office on your Mac device and click the “Home” button. From there choose your desired PPT or Powerpoint file.


After opening go to Tools > Export to PDF.


Thereafter, press the “Export to PDF” to start the conversion process.

Finally, within a moment you will get the PDF extension in your hands ready to download.


2-Use iLovePDF to Convert PPT to PDF

We often use the iLovePDF online version to convert PDF documents. But with the Macbook version, you can convert your Powerpoint file into PDF format within seconds to increase your productivity.


First, open the iLovePDF software in your Macbook and hit the “Powerpoint to PDF” option from the “Tools” ribbon lying on top.


Immediately a new dialog box will pop up. Drag your PPT file in the “Open File” area just like the screenshot below.


Hence, press the “Convert to PDF” button in the new window.

In summary, you will get the PDF file ready to download in your Macbook.


3-Utilize PDFelement to Convert PPT to PDF

PDFelement is known for its versatile features for converting and editing PDF documents. Using the PDFelement you can convert PPT to PDF extension.


Simply, open the PDFelement app and click the “Create PDF” feature. Then, select “From File” to get access to upload the Powerpoint file from your storage.


After that, choose your PPT file from the storage and press “Open”.


Thus after opening the file PDFelement will convert the file to PDF automatically. You just need to save it. That’s it. Simple isn’t it?


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In the above article, I have tried with heart and soul to cover converting PPT to PDF on Mac. I hope you enjoyed my article. You can download the WPS Office Suite windows version from the link below. If you download now you will get a 7-day free trial without sharing any credit card details. Go and download it right now to convert any type of file. Thanks!

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