How to Convert Word to PDF Online for Free on Windows, IPhone, Mobile and Mac

July 31, 20231.0K views

Higher compatibility, easy file transfer, format retention and excellent readability makes pdf files very popular among office workers and government employees. People prefer online conversion of Word to pdf over offline because of bulk, quick and fast conversion regardless of using third party apps. Installing 3rd party apps on your device involves many risks and, also, these apps occupy a huge amount of storage. Malware and viruses are there to wait when you will open the program or app. On the other hand, Mobile or iPhone apps are safer options compared to laptop and Mac.

But converting your files online through online word to pdf converters also contain malicious viruses and these converters can harm your file privacy; your data inside the file could be leaked to third party buyers. Countering all these problems, WPS online word to pdf converter lets you convert your word to pdf making sure that every step is safe and secure. WPS online converter is not just limited to convert word to pdf but it also provides image to pdf, excel to pdf, pdf to excel and many more other conversions. We will discuss the safer ways to convert words to pdf on your mobile, iphone, laptop and windows laptop. You just have to follow the steps. This blog will covers;

  • How to convert word to pdf online on mobile (Android and iphone)
  • How to convert word to pdf online on windows laptop or Mac

How to convert word to pdf online on mobile (Android and iPhone)

Steps to convert word to pdf online on mobile

1-Search for WPS word to pdf online converter.

2-Upload your word file by clicking on the “select word file” option.


3-It will take 2-3 minutes to convert the file. When it is converted to pdf it will show a message “conversion succeeded”. Now download your pdf file by clicking on the “download” option.


How to convert word to pdf online on Windows laptop or Mac

Steps to convert word to pdf online on windows laptop or Mac

1-Go to WPS word to PDF online converter.

2-Upload the word file by click on the “select word file” option that you want to convert into a pdf.


3-It will take a few seconds to convert. After a few seconds Download the converted pdf file.



Due to easy file transfer and no-disturbed layout and formatting people convert words to pdf. But another hard task is to choose which method is more secure and time saving. Converting word files to pdf online will be easy and fast, safe and secure for bulk conversion. For converting word to pdf WPS online converter is best and a wise pick. You can also do pdf conversion offline using the WPS Office app which is used by millions of users. Download the light and allrounder office suit - WPS Office.

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