How to Copy and Paste from PDF - Easy Methods 2022

July 31, 2023640 views

Are you wondering how to copy and paste from PDF? This question is ubiquitous as editing PDF files is challenging because it's a non-editable file format and requires heavy software to enable it to edit. You've to apply unique tweaks to make a PDF editable. Don't worry; we've covered this problem. In this article, We've outlined the best online and offline methods on how to copy and paste from PDF.

Best Offline Method to Copy and Paste from PDF

WPS Office is one of the best and most professional PDF editing Software. You can easily copy and paste from PDF using its Offline Desktop version. Follow the below steps for this purpose:

1-Download and Install WPS Office on your device and launch it to access its first window.

2-Open the PDF you want to edit in the interface of this program and visit the “Edit” option from the toolbar.

3-To copy the text, select it with the help of the cursor, and a new menu will pop up. It will help if you hit on the copy button.


4-Now Click on the insert tab on the upper side, and from the sub-menu, select insert text. This will allow you to add text to your document.


5-Set the location with the help of the cursor where you want to paste the text and right-click the mouse. A pop-up window will show up; from many options, select "Paste."You will see that your copied text has been inserted into the specified place in the document.


6-Now press the Ctrl+S command to save the changes.

How to Copy and Paste from PDF Using Online Tool

If you're looking for the easiest and time-saving method to copy and paste from PDF, then the pdfFiller online tool best suits you. Follow the below steps to understand how to copy and paste from PDF:

1-Access the Online official website of pdfFiller and open its PDF editor.

2-To import the concerned PDF across the platform, click on the "Add New Document" button.


3-When the document has been opened, select some text and right-click on it to open a dialogue box. From the new menu, hit on the "Copy" .


4-Now the text has been copied. You can easily paste it on any other point in the document following the same process and clicking on the "Paste" option from the right-click menu.


PDF is considered a read-only format, but with the help of WPS Office software, you can easily edit it. Both the methods outlined above are easy to copy and paste from PDF, but WPS Office software is recommended as it can convert pdf to other formats, Annotate, compare, split and manage PDFs.Download it now to entertain all these perks.

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