How to Create a Modern, Eye-Catching Resume PDF

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Do you have a résumé ready to go in 2022? First, gather the following information: employer names, educational history, voluntary and professional engagements, and transferrable talents. From there, are you unsure how to proceed with formatting? Start by searching for WPS Office editable templates (use the free trial for premium ones), such as the Harvard template, or look at your friends' work. As a result, you may discover virtually no limitations to the design alternatives available for your basic modern resume pdf.

These pointers should be in the forefront of your mind as you begin the process of creating an eye-catching and modern resume pdf.

Tips for making an eye-catching and modern resume PDF

Include a professional summary

An effective way to introduce yourself to potential employers is through a professional summary on your modern resume pdf. After the header and contact information on a cv pdf, this three-to-five-line section is the most appropriate placement. You'll be able to show off your skills and talents immediately by adding this.

Be brief

Adults have short attention spans, despite what you might think. People are less inclined to read the material if it is presented in enormous, cumbersome, and never-ending blocks of text. Put each word into bullet points when selecting how to format your resume's content.

Emphasize the most important facts

Bulleted information may not be easy for a potential employer to discover the most relevant skills and accomplishments immediately. To emphasize a particularly noteworthy award or measurable achievement, bold the relevant wording in the bullet list.

Strategic highlighting in action is shown in the example below. While both lines include the same information, someone rapidly perusing your modern resume pdf will notice that you were a great salesperson in this position based on the bold content.

As much as feasible, use quantitative data whenever possible

In our minds, numbers, percentages, and dollar signs are instantly recognized. These accomplishments should be conveyed via numbers and symbols rather than words. You have a better chance of being noticed if you can retain the reader's attention on your job application in 2022.

Sections should have distinct headings


A professional overview, areas of speciality, professional experience, education, and volunteerism are all common features on most resumes, which is why they are so easy to spot when you see one. Always remember that the headlines on your cv pdf must be clear and distinct from the rest of the information on your modern resume pdf. Do not be frightened of using bold text and white space around your headings in a colored box.

Create white-space

There is a danger of overburdening a potential employer with too much information. There should be enough white space on all four sides of the resume document. Keep in mind that the margins should not extend beyond the edge of the page. Ensure that there are no technical difficulties when the document is printed.

Use standard fonts

But even if Comic Sans is a good choice for a child's birthday invitation, it is not ideal for an official modern resume pdf. They may be difficult to read for a person. On the other hand, these fonts can be difficult for applicant tracking systems (ATS) to decipher. Instead, choose basic standard typefaces like Cambria, Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman.

Your job application will be more successful if your resume stands out in today's competitive job market. Send your document to a colleague or business partner you can trust for feedback after you've finished drafting it! Maintaining the visual appeal of your CV is an important step toward achieving future professional success.

Get Noticed in the Crowd

You may go a long way with a resume template download tailored to your sector and degree of experience. Download WPS Office formats such as Indian resume format, student resume format and normal resume format pdf. Fill in the blanks in one of the professionally designed WPS Office editable resume templates download with a free trial. Customize it to meet your own personal style; as a result, you'll be one step closer to securing your dream job.

Should I save my modern resume as a Word document or a PDF?

Regardless of the file type requested by an employer, you should always download your resume in that file format.

If they tell you to save your modern resume as a pdf, do so. If they don't specify, both.pdf and.docx are acceptable file types.

The pdf resume format is preferred by many job searchers, albeit this is not universal. As a result of their many advantages, pdfs are extremely popular.

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