How to Delete Blank Pages in Your PDF File

July 31, 20231.5K views

When arranging a large PDF document, it is not unusual to find blank pages. It might have been left open on purpose or by accident.

If you do not require these blank pages, the best option is to remove them. But you might be wondering, “how do I  delete a blank page in a PDF” without experiencing any difficulty? Keep reading to find out.

How Do I Delete a Blank Page in a PDF

PDF is commonly used for exchanging electronic documents, as it will always keep the actual layout and formatting. While dealing with PDFs, you may come across the following situations:

  • Some blank pages are in the PDF.

  • Some of the pages in the PDF document information are out-of-date.

As you might think, the simplest way to solve the issue is to delete pages from the PDF with a competent PDF page remover software, whether online or offline. With that, this page will show you some practical ways to help you eliminate outdated or blank pages. Now, let’s get right to it!

How Do I Delete a Blank Page in a PDF Document Online With Adobe Acrobat

Removing a blank or outdated document depends on the kind of PDF tool you use, whether free or not. Below are some ways to delete a Blank Page in a PDF file.

Step 1. Download and open this PDF editing program, then transfer the PDF to this tool.

Step 2. Click "Tools" > "Organize Pages." And you will see the page thumbnails displayed in the Document area.

Step 3. Find the blank page you want to delete from your PDF, then select it and click the "delete" icon. After that, you will see a verification option; click "OK."

Step 4. Save the edited PDF document on your computer.

How Do I Delete a Blank Page in a PDF Document Using WPS

Step 1: Select the page you want gone, return to the Page tab, and click “Delete Pages.”

Step 2: An option will pop up, enabling you to edit pages and remove the selected page by checking to Delete the selected page or other pages by checking the Custom delete page and entering the page number in the text box.

1. Troubleshooting: PDF Shows Blank Pages When You View a Large Document

This issue occurs when an object in the PDF is incomplete or an item is missing a particular element. The error often occurs when the Web server does not download sufficient objects to make it work.

In Adobe Acrobat, turn off the “Allow fast web view” and “Allow unsafe downloading” from the options in the background:

  • Click on “Edit” then “preferences.”

  • Click “Internet” from the left display window.

  • Clear the checkboxes.

  • Allow fast web views and allow unsafe downloading in the background.

If you do not enable these options, you may notice that Adobe Acrobat reveals documents more slowly than before. If you do not look at big PDF files often, leave these options selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Functions of WPS?

WPS Office is a suite that shares files and productivity that helps businesses of any size edit, create documents, and share presentations and spreadsheets with team members or clients. WPS is also an excellent PDF converter.

Why Can I Not Delete a Page From a PDF

If you do not see the “Delete pages” option in the thumbnail pain, check the summary of document restriction under the “Document Properly >security” tab to validate if you have restricted permissions.

What Is the Difference Between a Page Break and Blank Page

Another alternative when you need a small space is to insert a page break. The difference between >Blank Page and Page Break is that Blank page puts a whole blank page into your document, and >Insert Page Break does not. Instead, it pushes what comes after the break to the top of the next page.

Further Details on How to Remove a Blank Page in a PDF Document

Deleting Pages from PDFs has become more accessible. Open your record in the editor and select the delete page icon in the toolbar. Then choose the pages or pages you want to delete and click the delete icon. That’s all! Your pages will be deleted straight away.

With WPS PDF, you can read, compress, convert PDF to jpg, search, highlight, search, and take annotations. You can process and edit pdf documents on Mac, PC, Android platforms, and Windows. Also, the WPS office offers a free trial when downloaded. Without further delay, download WPS Office today.

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