How to Draw Lines on PDF

July 31, 2023915 views

Although Wondershare PDF Reader is an offline tool, it is a very effective free alternative for annotating PDF documents. Users can easily and efficiently make a lot of annotations on the site. You should read at the procedures below if you want to draw a line in a PDF.

Method 1: How to Draw a Line in PDF Offline

Step1. Upload PDF into PDF Reader

Download, install and launch Wondershare PDF Reader across your device. You need to tap on "Open Files" to import the document successfully.


Step2. Add Lines to PDF

You have three choices when adding lines to a PDF using PDF Reader. From the top menu, select "Comment" to access the area. The first choice is the basic "Underline" tool that is available on the entire platform. Users may think about using this tool if they want to add lines across text. The second option gives you the chance to insert shapes all throughout the paper.

The "Line" option will appear when you tap the "Add Shape" icon. Anywhere throughout the document that is needed can easily have the line added. The third choice allows you to use the "Pencil" tool to freely create a line. To add lines to a PDF, users can choose from a variety of ways.


Method 2: How to Draw a Line in PDF Online

Users of online solutions should look into Wondershare Document Cloud to draw lines across their PDF documents. If downloading software feels difficult, Document Cloud provides you with the effective options to draw a line in a PDF document easily.

Step1. Upload the PDF File

On accessing the official website of Document Cloud, you need to tap on “Access Cloud” to lead to the next screen. Tap on “Upload Files” to import the document across the platform.


Step2. Add Lines in PDF

As you proceed to the next window, different editing options are available across the platform. Users can draw lines on a PDF document either with the "Underlined Text" tool or the "Drawing Tool" across the menu. Use any of the options to draw a line in PDF.


Step3. Download the Annotated Document

Once you have added the line across your PDF document, you need to download the edited file. Tap on “Download” to export the document on your device.



There are numerous techniques to draw lines on a PDF document that are flawless. You must learn about the issue from every angle. Since so many people use it, it is the greatest and most modern characteristic of the PDF and is therefore a significant phenomenon. You must become familiar with WPS OFFICE if you want to learn how to create a line in a PDF. It is one of the greatest apps available for getting the job done perfectly and carefully.

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