Steps to Edit a PDF Form Easily
Download WPS Office, an excellent free alternative to PDFelement.

There are instances when you'll need to alter a fillable pdf form, but you don't know how. With PDFelement free online for Windows, you can edit pdf forms or generate editable pdf forms. With the help of a tool like PDFelement, this may appear to be a difficult task. Here, we'll look at how to efficiently edit pdf form online or offline.


Steps to Edit a PDF Form Easily

1-Import a pdf Form.

How to edit pdf form? You must first open the document to make changes to a pdf form. To import a pdf file, click the "Open pdf" button on the program's main window.

This template can be downloaded from PDFelement if you don't already have a pdf form prepared using a pre-existing pdf template.

2-Edit an Interactive Form

The user does not need to check if the form is interactive manually. If this is the case, a "Highlight Fields" bar will display, indicating that you can change and fill in the fields. As long as your pdf form is interactive, you can proceed with filling it out. Click on the fields to add text to the document and begin typing.

3-Edit a Non-Interactive Form

Click "Form" in the main toolbar and "Recognize" to make your pdf form interactive if it isn't already. The pdf form can then be edited.

4-How to edit pdf form: Create a form in pdf

Your pdf form may be the best option for you. Start by clicking the "Form" tab, then select the check box, radio button, and so on from the options under the "Options" section.

5-Text Box Editing

How to edit the pdf form next? You may add text to a form by clicking on the "Form" tab and selecting "Add text field," which will open a text field. Text field properties can be edited by clicking on the text field and double-clicking to activate a dialogue box (text field properties).

It's possible to name a field and set it to be "Read Only" or make it "Required" on the General tab.

Font size, style, and color can all be adjusted under "Appearance" in the form field's settings. The other tabs on this window allow you to personalize your experience further. Click "Close" when you're through making your selections.

6-Edit the Checkbox, List, Combo, and Radio Buttons.

Alternatively, you can select "Add check box" and then click on the area where you want the checkbox to appear. You may personalize the checkbox by adding a name under the "General" tab and changing the fonts and colors under "Appearance" by double-clicking on the checkbox.

It's possible to customize a "List Box," "Button," "Combo Box," or a "Radio Button" in the same way.

To change the size of a text field or a check box, you must drag the box's edge with your mouse. Dragging the entire box to the new location will also work.


Download WPS Office, an excellent free alternative to PDFelement.

WPS Office online is a strong competitor to PDFelement, although it does not support as many products. Comparing the products makes it hard to discern which software offers the best one in 2022.

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