How to Encrypt PDF Using Free WPS Office

July 31, 20231.3K views

Do you know how to secure your PDF files? In this blog, you will be given a detailed step-by-step guide to using the PDF encryption feature to learn how to encrypt PDF to enhance the security of the documents. Before reading further, ensure you have Free WPS office installed on your computer. If not, click on the link at the bottom of this article to download the WPS Office.

Steps to Encrypt PDF Using Free WPS Office

Step1: Set the password

To protect your files from being accessed by anyone, click the Protect tab and then on Encrypt. In the pop-up dialog box, check Set the open password. Make sure that the password is not weak. After the password is set, click on Confirm.


The next time the PDF file is opened, the user will be required to set the password before proceeding to view the contents of the file.


WARNING: This password cannot be retrieved. If you accidentally forget the password, you wouldn't be able to view the file again. Make sure to write the password somewhere safe and secure.

Step2: Set the password to prevent editing and extracting

If your PDF file contains information you don't want others to copy or edit, go to the Protect tab and click on Encrypt as before. In the pop-up dialog box, check the Set password for editing and extracting. Once the password is entered, permissions for the PDF file's Copy, Print, Comments, Notes, and more simultaneously.

After selecting the desired restrictions, click Confirm to encrypt your PDF document for greater security.

Note: Make sure that both passwords are different from each other. A prompt box will open requiring you to modify the passwords to make them different.

If the need to cancel the encryption arises, go to the Encrypt pop-up box and uncheck both options.

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