How to Extract Pages from PDF

July 31, 20231.0K views

PDF pages can be extracted from PDF documents in a variety of methods. The kind of software you are using will determine this. You will discover how to use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to extract pages from PDF files in this tutorial.

Method 1. Extract PDF Page Only 2 Steps

Follow this guideline to know how to extract PDF pages from PDF.

Step1. Load PDF in PDFelement

Start by importing all your PDF files to PDFelement. Click the "Open PDF" button to browse through your computer to locate where the files have been stored or simply import them from a removable drive.


Step2. Extract Pages from PDF File

By selecting the "Page" option from the top toolbar, you can now begin to extract PDF pages. To quickly extract a PDF page, first click the page you wish to extract, and then select the "Extract" button from the "Page" menu. You must cancel the page you have selected in order to change the page range. After that, click the "Extract Page" option to change the page range. To confirm the extraction, click OK.


Method 2. Extract PDF Page with PDFelement

Here is another easy method on how to extract PDF page from PDF, read the step-by-step guideline below then you can extract PDF pages easily and quickly.

Step1. Open PDF File

Launch PDFelement, and click the "Open PDF" button to open a PDF file. Alternatively, drag and drop PDF files into the interface of this program is also available.


Step2. Extract Pages from PDF File

Right-click the PDF page you wish to extract after the PDF file has been opened. A menu list will then appear; choose "Extract Pages" from the list. The PDF page will be extracted quickly if you use the "Page Range" option on the pop-up window.



WPS Office comes out as one of the top options among the several solutions available for extracting pages from PDF. It can let you easily modify text, graphics, and pages in a PDF file and is very effective and professional. Additionally, you can mark your pages using tools like highlighters, sticky notes, etc.

In scanned PDF documents, the OCR feature aids in digitizing the text so that you may simply search for and change text as well as carry out a variety of other operations. You can add passwords to your PDF documents to make them more secure. You can convert a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document to a PDF or vice versa.

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