How to Flip a PDF Image

July 31, 2023883 views

The ability to directly flip images in a PDF may not be supported by all PDF viewers. You might be asking how to flip a PDF picture in this situation. In the modern digital age, we frequently use the cameras on our smartphones to record every moment. It is normal practice to photograph a whiteboard and utilize it as a future reference in the professional sphere as well. When we take a photo, our main goal is to fully capture the scene or the topic. As a result, these photos are occasionally taken in landscape mode and other times in portrait mode. You'll probably need to rotate the image in PDF if these photographs are to be included in a document. This article details 3 methods on how to flip a PDF image with UPDF, Adobe Acrobat, and an online tool.

Steps to Flip a PDF Image

Step 1. Open PDF Document

By installing the UPDF utility, you can get your PDF image rotation trip started. Launch the tool after it has been installed on your computer.

Open the PDF document you want to modify now. The 'Open File' button on the tool's primary user interface can be clicked to accomplish this.


Step 2. Click the Edit Tab

Click on the 'Edit' tab. This tab contains the editing tools you may need to invert the PDF image.


Step 3. Rotate Image in PDF

Choose the image that needs to be resized. When you click an image, a purple border around it indicates that you have chosen it. You'll discover that there are various icons available for image editing. A "Rotate" icon should be chosen.

As an alternative, you can also right-click on the picture and choose "Rotate." Rotate to the desired position as seen in the screenshot below.


Indeed, it is that simple to invert a PDF image.


It is important to choose the proper tool for the job while trying to flip PDF images. When making this choice, you must take into account the tool's price as well as its efficiency and quality. Although Adobe Acrobat is a high-quality product, its cost may be prohibitive for small businesses or freelancers. WPS Office runs quickly and efficiently entirely online. To rotate photos in PDF documents, WPS Office combines the finest features of both programs into a single, professional-grade application.

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