How to Insert Page Number in PDF

July 31, 20231.3K views

While your documents will have a specific number of pages, you must customize it if you want any form of page numbering to appear on your document. This makes information management easier, especially when printing or sharing the document is intended.

You will frequently refer to page numbers, so think about constructing a table of contents. Remember that introductions, title pages, and other exceptions frequently eat up space in documents even when they lack traditional page numbers. It's important to check that the page numbers in your document accurately reflect the information you wish to communicate, not just how many pages there are in your PDF.

Using a PDF editor like Soda PDF you can easily add or remove page numbers when working with a PDF. You can also customize the appearance and location to ensure everything fits your specifications.

Keep reading to find out how to add page numbers to PDF!

Steps to Insert Page Number in PDF

  1. Open the Insert feature
  2. Click on Page Number
  3. Choose Insert Page Number


Step 1

  • Choose the Page Range that will have page numbers.
  • All – Each page in your document will have page numbers
  • Current – Only the current page will have page numbers
  • First – Page 1 of your document will have page numbers
  • Last – The final page of your document will have page numbers
  • Range – Choose a custom range of pages to have page numbers. You can segment the pages:
  • Using a dash (–) tells the app to add page numbers to all the pages between the specific page numbers. To add page numbers to all pages between 2 and 5 you would type in “2-5”
  • Using a comma (,) you can add multiple groups of pages. To add page numbers to all pages from 2 to 5, page 8 and then 10 and 11, type in “2-5, 8, 10-11”


Step 2

Under Number Format you will pick the way your numbers will be displayed on your page from the available options in the dropdown.


Step 3


Choose the Font you want from the available options in the dropdown.


Step 4

Type a number into the Font Size box to set the font size. You can also use the + or – keys to adjust the size.


Step 5

You will need to pick the page that will be the starting point for your page numbers. When Soda PDF inserts the page numbers, they will count sequentially setting page 1 as your chosen page.

  • Under Start At: choose the page in your PDF where your numbering should start.
  • If you want the 5th page in your PDF to be “page 1” when you apply your numbers, put 5 in the box.


Step 6

Click from one of the available boxes under Position to choose where on each page of your PDF you want to place your page numbers.


Step 7

Click on Insert to add page numbers to your PDF.



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