How to Make a Multi-Page PDF Without Acrobat Using WPS Office

July 31, 2023380 views

If you don't have access to Acrobat, there are several free online tools and software that you can use to create a multi-page PDF document without acrobat. In order to share and exchange documents online, PDF (Portable Document Format) files are a necessity. Traditionally, PDF files have been created using Adobe Acrobat, a commercial programme that might be pricey for individual users. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to Acrobat that may be used to create PDFs. In this post, we'll show you how to make a multi-page PDF using the free programme WPS Office without using Adobe Acrobat.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Create a Multi-Page PDF without Acrobat

When you want to merge many files into one document, such as when you want to combine multiple pages of a contract, presentation, or brochure into one PDF file, you must create a multi-page PDF. Also, it's useful when you want to avoid opening individual files every time you need to view them in order to save time. Also, sharing your documents with others using PDF files is a great way to do it without having to worry about compatibility concerns or unauthorized alteration.

How to Make a Multi-Page PDF without Acrobat on Different Devices and Systems

Anybody who needs to share or distribute documents will find the ability to create multi-page PDFs useful, but not everyone has access to Adobe Acrobat. Fortunately, you can make a multi-page PDF without Acrobat using a variety of other tools and techniques. We'll introduce you to some of these tools and techniques in this article and demonstrate how to use them from various device and system angles.


You may create a multi-page PDF using the built-in PDF creation tools on a desktop computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux. For instance, if you are using Windows 10, you may print any document to a PDF file by using the "Microsoft Print to PDF" tool. Similar to this, you may produce a PDF file on a Mac by choosing the "Save as PDF" option in the Print dialogue. To save a document as a PDF on Linux, select "Print to File" from the menu.


A PDF generating software can be used if you need to create a multi-page PDF on your mobile device. Such apps are widely available for iOS and Android, with both free and commercial versions. For instance, you can produce and modify PDF files on iOS by using apps like Adobe Scan or PDF Expert. Apps like CamScanner and WPS Office may be used on Android to convert images, documents, and web pages into PDF files.

Online Tool:

Using an online tool is an additional alternative for producing a multi-page PDF. You may create and modify PDF files online using a variety of tools that are both free and premium, all without installing any software. Popular online tools include Nitro PDF, SmallPDF, and PDFescape. The WPS PDF Converter is one of the greatest solutions for free online PDF creation and editing.

Using Tips to Make a Multi-Page PDF without Acrobat

  • In producing a multi-page PDF document, be sure to often save your work.

  • To make sure that the formatting, layout, and other components of your document are kept when you convert to PDF, check the options.

  • To give your document a more polished appearance, make use of features like page numbering, header and footer, and watermarks.

  • To make it simpler for users to browse to particular sections, think about including bookmarks in your PDF document.

  • To minimize the size of your PDF file without sacrificing quality, use compression tools.

  • To make sure your PDF document appears the way you want it to before sharing or printing, preview it first.

FAQs on How to Make a Multi-Page PDF without Acrobat

Q: Is it possible to make a multi-page PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

A: Sure, there are a number of free online applications that let you produce multi-page PDF documents. WPS Office, one of the suggested products, has a PDF converter that can convert a variety of file types into a multi-page PDF document.

Q: How can I make sure that my document's formatting is maintained when I convert it to PDF?

A: It's crucial to double-check the settings and choose the formatting options when utilizing a PDF converter. Before sharing or printing the PDF file, you should examine it to make sure the formatting and layout are correct. To ensure the highest quality of the output PDF file, WPS Office PDF converter gives you the option to select several conversion options, such as picture compression and font embedding.

Download WPS Office for Free Trial

In conclusion, it is simple and possible to create multi-page PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat using a variety of free web resources. You can quickly produce and convert your files into a PDF document with a professional appearance using WPS Office. Image compression and font embedding are only a couple of the features that make WPS Office a potent PDF converter. Also, it can be downloaded and used for free, and it works with a variety of gadgets and operating systems. To experience WPS Office's potent PDF conversion capabilities and other fantastic features, we strongly advise downloading it. Try it out to see how it can make document creation simpler for you.

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