How to Mirror Image PDF Online? A Beginner’s Guide for 2022

July 31, 20231.2K views

Wondering how to mirror image PDF online? Look no further. You’re at the right guide.

We will use WPS PDF to illustrate how to mirror image PDF on Windows and for free. You can download this software as it offers a broad range of entirely beginner-friendly functionalities.

There are a few steps that a user will have to follow if they want to mirror images in PDF.

Read on for the tutorial.

Use WPS Office - PDF Suite

WPS Office is considered the best office suite because of its functionality and simplicity. The software lets you convert, merge, split or edit your files into different formats, including PDF. It’s compatible with most devices and systems like Windows.

Step1: Go to PDF Toolkit

Once you open the WPS office, click ‘PDF’ from the top menu bar on the homepage. The click will let you access the PDF tool kit, where you can choose the option ‘Edit PDF’ to move further.


When you click ‘Edit PDF,’ the window will open where you will have to select the relevant file.


Click ‘Open,’ and WPS will load your file. It will be ready to edit.

Step2: Insert Image

Once the file is uploaded, you can insert the image you want to mirror in PDF.


A window will open when you click Add Picture.


Open image in PDF document.

Step3: Select Image Propositions

After adding the image, you can click on the image, and on the right side, there will be a menu.


Click on the ‘Flip’ option and your image will be mirrored.


This is the end result:


You will adjust the image and can position the it as you like.

Note: We took this image and PDF to demonstrate how to use this feature using WPS PDF. All rights are reserved.


We hope you found the answer to how to mirror image PDF online. With WPS PDF, you can save the file and use smart features for free. Some of the features also work offline, but WPS is not the best tool to use offline.

You can download it today and use it to create unique and engaging document files that will smoothen your workflow.

Here’s the link to use You won’t have to struggle with how to mirror image PDF anymore as you have WPS now. Cheers!

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