How to Open WPS File - Easiest Ways in 2024

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What is wps format file?

The .wps (wps format)extension belongs to the proprietary Microsoft (MS) Works Word Processing Program (WPS) file format and file type. WPS is mainly used to store formatted text files in Microsoft (MS) Works. WPS used to be the default file in earlier versions of this office suite, eventually being completely replaced by DOC (DOCX).

A .wps file is a traditional word processing file for MS Works. WPS files are only supported by MS Works, an outdated office suite. Although similar to MS Word DOC format, WPS does not allow advanced formatting and is not compatible with MS Office.

A .wps document can be converted with MS Office's free MS Works converter (installable separately) provided by MS, and there are several standalone WPS converter tools and libraries available.

MS has discontinued any support for the WPS format since 2006, so WPS files should be considered a legacy that needs to be converted to a newer format. The general recommendation is that the WPS format should be discontinued due to its obscurity and lack of support.

In all, wps format file is a text document created in Microsoft works that can be opened using Microsoft Word on computers or laptops. It's an older Microsoft Works file format similar to a Word document. WPS files have many uses, and the Microsoft works document is one of them. However, WPS files do not have advanced formatting like Word documents, such as macros. So the question of how to open .wps file always be one's problem.  Let's check the answer and find the help to know how to open .wps file in 2023 now.

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Updated info:  In recent years, Microsoft Works has been discontinued, and Microsoft has replaced it with other software products, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. As a result, the use of .wps files has declined, and they are less commonly used today. However, if you have an old .wps file that you need to open and edit, you can still do so using Microsoft Works or a compatible third-party software program, like WPS Office. Alternatively, you can convert the .wps file to a more widely used file format, such as .docx or .pdf, using WPS Office PDF conversion tool.

How to open WPS format file with Microsoft Word

You may have some old file types at work that need to be opened and worked with. If you're familiar with Microsoft Works, then you are familiar with WPS files too and want to know how to open WPS files.

Just as you have a WPS file on your hard drive and want to know how to open it.

If you are still using the Microsoft Works Word Processor, you can open all your WPS files with that program. If you don't have access to Works Word Processor, you can open your WPS files with Microsoft Word. Word 2010 and later versions can open the WPS files created by Works Word Processor 2023.

Steps on - how to open WPS files using Word are as follows:


Open Microsoft Word on your computer.


Once you open Microsoft Word, Click on the File option on the main menu bar and select the Open button.

How to Open WPS File - Easiest Ways in 2023


Select your .wps file and choose the File Type as All File


Click the Open button to open the WPS file in Word. Once you have opened the WPS file, you can download it by Clicking on the File option and selecting the Save As button.

How to open WPS format file with WPS Office offline

WPS is a free all-in-one pdf tool that allows you to create, open, manage and convert all file formats, including PDF. WPS is available online and offline; you can download the WPS office application from the official website. Opening a WPS file is super easy by using the WPS office in 2023.

Steps on - how to Open the WPS file using the WPS office are as follows


Open the WPS office application on your computer or laptop.


Once you open the WPS office application, Click on the Menu option on the main menu bar and select the Open button. And choose the required WPS format file that you want to open. It will open the WPS file easily on your computer.

How to Open WPS File - Easiest Ways in 2023

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