How to Organize PDF on Windows 10 in 2022

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PDF makes our file sharing process easy and convenient that was first developed by Adobe. In a very short time, we can save and send any PDF file from any device as adobe is applicable access for all windows systems. The process of organizing pages of PDF in a sequential or instructed order is known as Organize PDF. Almost all PDF reader software are allowing users to rearrange and adjust the order of PDF pages in an effortless way.

No issue whether you are a student, finance, a businessman, or someone who just has too many PDF files, you need the best PDF organizer. Organizing PDF documents is comfortable with the proper PDF organizer that will also support you with searching them for return later on.

In this article, my duty is to make a list of some of the best PDF tools on windows10.

Importance of Organizing PDF

A PDF file is the most popular document-sharing format and we have to resize it, combine it, merge it, and delete it before sending any file to support any device.

  • You are working with multiple PDF pages but their order is not organized
  • You may highlight your main pages to share multiple platforms
  • To avoid some unwanted or less important file
  • Keep file size small

1-How To Organize PDF Using WPS Office on Windows 10


WPS Office software can solve your page ordering problem in a professional way and it has many PDF tools including editing, splitting, combining, ordering, and scanning operational features. You can change your working file format into multiple pages according to office work. Here we see the process of organizing PDF files.

Step 1: Open a PDF file with WPS Office which needs to rearrange. Go to the top menu and select the page option.


Step 2: you can organize drag and drop to organize any PDF. Here we change 1,2 pages order. Just Drag the second page in place of the first page.


2-Using Adobe Acrobat to Organize PDF

Adobe Acrobat considered itself as all kinds of PDF organizing tool. Here we are using adobe PDF premium tools to organize a PDF file.

Open your PDF file with the adobe premium version or adobe online tools.

Go to the tools section and select organize PDF options

You can organize any PDF as we have done in previous methods.


3-Utilize Foxit Reader to Organize PDF

Go to the edit option with your Foxit Reader and choose the edit option to organize any PDF. it has also many PDF editing tools and combining tools to organize any PDF documents.


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Organizing PDF files is not easy as you see in this article because here I suggest to you some best tools for completing your task. I hope users will follow my suggested tools method and choose the best PDF tools according to their objectives. As I refer always my readers to the best WPS Office and WPS PDF tools. Users can enjoy all premium packages without paying any fee for the 7-day trial version.

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