How to PDF Secured to Unsecured

August 16, 2022 |

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How to PDF Secured to Unsecured
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If you frequently use PDFs, perhaps everyday, you might occasionally safeguard your PDF files. You don't want unauthorized access to the sensitive information included in such PDF files. But what if you obtain a secured PDF file from someone and want to convert it to an unsecured PDF? Today's market is filled with effective solutions that may quickly change an encrypted PDF file to an unsecured one. As demonstrated in this post, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an excellent tool that is advised for use while converting protected PDF to unsecured PDF.

Steps to PDF Secured to Unsecured

A comprehensive PDF editor, PDFelement is supported by both Mac and Windows operating systems. It combines robust capabilities with an easy-to-use interface. Even a novice user of PDFelement doesn't require any instruction to utilize the system. It supports file conversions, interactive PDF editing, annotation tools, printing of PDF files, and the OCR feature. It can be used to transform scanned photos into formats for text files that are readable and editable. The strong encryption capabilities of this software ensure that the security of your papers is adequately taken care of. Additionally, you may use the mark-up tool, stamp your document, add digital signatures, add watermarks, and apply various shapes. If you want to convert a secured PDF to unsecured, you can use PDFelement by following the steps below:

Step1. Open Password-Protected PDF File

Launch PDFelement after downloading it to access the secured file and import it into the program's interface. Browse your computer by clicking "Open Files." Then pick the encrypted PDF file that you wish to unlock. To enable conversion of a secured or protected file, use the correct open password.


Step2. Unsecure PDF

You have now successfully imported the encrypted PDF file into PDFelement. You must type in the authorization password to convert it after entering the correct open password. To edit the file, click "Enable Editing." After selecting "Set Password," a pop-up box will open. By unchecking the boxes for the open password and the authorization password, you can now convert the encrypted PDF to unsecured PDF.


Step3. Save Unsecured PDF

After unchecking the password boxes, save secured PDF as unsecured PDF by clicking on the "File" button and "Save". Now you can save the unsecured PDF file to your computer.



It's usually a good idea to safeguard your PDF files, but this does not obligate you to always deal with protected files. Working with unsecured documents will enable you to complete tasks much more quickly, and as you can see, changing a secure PDF into an unsecured PDF is a really straightforward task.

WPS Office is an all-in-one PDF editor that offers a comprehensive range of options for working with PDF files. We also offer a number of ways for you to unlock encrypted PDF files if you don't know the password. With WPS Office, editing PDF text and graphics is as easy as editing them in a word processor. You also have complete control over how you want to insert, combine, remove, and split pages. The OCR function is one of the high-ranking features that can transform image-based PDFs into editable and searchable digital files.

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