How to Read PDF on Iphone

July 31, 2023744 views

You may occasionally need to open and read PDFs from a mobile device, such as your iPhone, while doing remote work or studying. iPhones, however, only partially support PDF files out of the box. Which course of action should I take?

To learn how to view PDFs on your iPhone, simply follow this simple instruction.

How to Read PDF on Iphone Using Adobe Acrobat Reader!

Any PDF file can be read on an iPhone

To open and read your PDF files, use the flexible tools included in Adobe Acrobat Reader. With Adobe Acrobat online services, you can also compress PDF files or convert them to other forms. Your iPhone's web browser can access everything.

From the App Store, download the Acrobat Reader application. 

Start the app.

Select Files from the menu bar at the bottom.

Choose the file by finding it on your iPhone.

Now that the PDF is scrollable, you can read it.

As you use the programme, reading PDF files becomes increasingly simpler because it is aware of where your files are. That implies that you can open them directly from your Home screen using Reader.

How to Read PDF on Iphone Using PDF Reader Pro!

The leading PDF reader app, PDF Reader Pro, is in direct competition with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can open all common file types with this incredibly lightweight, quick, tidy, and intuitive professional reader. You can read and annotate your content, edit and manage PDFs, fill out PDF forms, merge PDFs, backup your files using iCloud, and more with just a few clicks. With the aid of PDF Reader Pro, you can quickly increase your productivity and streamline your job.

Install the app using the iPad's App Store.

Launch the programme next.

Select the desired PDF file by tapping Documents on the screen.

Lastly, use your iPad to read the PDF document.

How to Read PDF on Iphone Using WPS PDF Tools!

WPS Office is a general office suite that allows you to view and edit a variety of files, including PDF, Word, Spreadsheet, Excel, Google Doc, Powerpoint, and more. It has been rated as the Best Office App for Mobile. Its PDF reader has a number of capabilities, such as the ability to view annotations, convert PDF files to other formats, text search, share PDF files, night mode, and cloud storage support. The programme is the best option if you're seeking for a free mobile document editor that also reads PDFs well, despite the fact that it is not PDF-centric.

With WPS Office, a multifunctional mobile office suite, we move from extreme minimalism to something a little more all-in-one. It does this by handling documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs with equal aplomb.

Tips for Selecting the best tools to read pdf on iphone

With the ability to add and view bookmarks, jump to specific pages, text search, read annotations to a PDF file, and retrieve PDFs from cloud storage, WPS's PDF viewer is functional. If you're searching for a free mobile document editor that also reads PDFs well, it doesn't have as many PDF-specific functions as other viewers, but its general office suite features make it a decent addition to your app drawer.

FAQS on how to read pdf on iphone

Q.Why WPS PDF Tools is the best PDF reader?

Ans.WPS Office is an all-in-one free office suite for the iPhone and iPad that combines all office document processing features, including Word, Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, PDF, Memo, and Docs Scanner, into a single application. It also fully supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Adobe PDF format.

Q.How WPS PDF Tools Work on iphone?

Ans.Since 1989, the WPS Office has sought to give you a one-stop working solution. On an iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device, you may easily complete all office word processing tasks while on the go. When using WPS Office, you can create, view, modify, and share office documents and homework whenever and wherever you need to—while at work, in class, on the road, just before bed, etc.

Select WPS PDF Tools Now!

The finest PDF reader app is WPS PDF Tools, which allows you to edit documents and modify their colours as well as read them effortlessly.WPS is the only piece of software that offers an entire office suite with so many amazing capabilities for pdf documents. People can use it to convert PDF files, scan documents, annotate them, compress them, and combine numerous files, among other things. Your PDF documents might be shielded from viruses thanks to its strong security mechanism. It facilitates communication by enabling quick document sharing and delivery, as well as the ability to provide comments on other documents.

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