How to Redact in Word for Free in 3 Best Offline Ways 2022

July 31, 20231.2K views

Are you looking for how to redact in word document? If yes, then this write-up is for you. Redaction means hiding some parts of the document to obscure confidential and private information. It's the need of every individual, especially lawyers and government agencies.

However, redacting a document is not easy, and primarily people commit mistakes as they use some out-dated methods leading to spillage of personal data. If you're sharing a Doc. file containing your confidential information, you need to follow the steps below to redact data in word.

How to Redact in Word for Free Using Microsoft Word

MS word didn't have dedicated redacting tools, but it can be used differently to redact data. We'll describe here 3 ways to redact documents using the word.

Method 1: How to Redact in Word Manually Offline For Free

1-Launch the MS word on your system and open the document containing confidential information.

2-Select the text you want to redact. Here you need to remember the total number of characters selected.


3-Press Ctrl+C to copy this text. Go to the Find Option in the toolbar; the Find and Replace window will open here.


4-At the Find What field Click Ctrl+V to paste the copied text And then replace it with some dummy text like XXXXX.


5-Click on Replace All option at the bottom of the Find And Replace window.

6-A prompt will appear; you need to hit the "OK."

7-Now press Ctrl+S to save the changes in your file.

Method 2:How to Redact in Word by removing Metadata Offline

1-Open the document that you want to redact. Go to the file menu and click on the info option.

2-Click on the Check for issues option just beside the "Inspect Document" on the right side.


3-Select the Inspect Document from the opened drop-down.


4-Now in document Inspector, select all data you want to inspect, redact in word, and click on the Redact button.

5-Now it will show all confidential information; you must press the Remove all button to delete them.


6-Now, you can inspect your document again to check whether it's redacted entirely or not.

Method 3:How to Redact in Word As Image

1-Open your document and select the portion that you want to redact.

2-Now go to the text highlighter and click on the black box. It will cover your text fully. Now you need to save the file as a PDF.


3-Use any online converter to Convert PDF to Image.

4-Now your file is in the form of an image with your data hidden under the black color.

5-Your data has been redacted; you can share it with anyone without the fear of information stealing.

Wrap Up

All the methods described here to redact in word are free and easy to understand, but always cross-check whether your information is wholly edited or not after every process. WPS Office software is an all-rounder, affordable alternative for this process. To enjoy easy and rich dealing of your files, Download it Now and perform your task efficiently.

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