How to Redact PDF on Mac in 2022

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Pdf files are widely used because they record text and images best exactly as they appear in the application that made them. Text can be searched, copied, and edited with the appropriate program in this file format, which supports bitmapped and vector pictures. Trying to redact information from a pdf before distributing it, such as in a court case, government records, or even inter-company discussions, can cause many headaches because of the "copying" element. Here's how to redact pdf on mac.

How to redact pdf on mac Using Preview App?

  • Double-click the pdf file to bring up the Preview program and begin working with it.
  • Use the annotation tool.
  • To redact text, select the Redact tool and then drag the cursor over the text to be removed.

Remember that you can't go back and undo the actions after you redact a pdf and save it. Save the pdf only if you are certain the censored information will not be needed. Be extra cautious when using the redact tool and make a backup copy of your pdf file first.


How to redact pdf on mac Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you can also use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC's redaction tool, which can be found under Edit > Redact Text and Images. When you first pick the option, Adobe displays a warning message.

It is possible to drag over both text and images that Acrobat marks up with a red outline to signal that they will be completely deleted when the file is saved. When you manually save the file again, Acrobat provides a new file name with the phrase "Redacted" to prevent overwriting your original.

Sanitize is a feature in Acrobat that removes various hidden metadata, such as the document's author (often pre-filled with the name of the person who is utilizing a computer or app); invisible but searchable text layers created when a document is imported as a set of images, and the text is algorithmically identified; and any text that runs off a page or is completely off in the margins and cannot be selected.

The sanitization option is turned on by default when redaction is applied, but you can choose to turn it off. By selecting Sanitize Document, you can clean up your document without removing any of the text already there.

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