How to Reduce Pdf File Size For Email Attachment

July 31, 2023599 views

Are you tired of breaking down your files into smaller ones because they don't send through emails? Well, the code is cracked. Sending large pdf files through the internet by email is no more a problem, thanks to the wonderful tools available online and offline in both paid and unpaid versions that not only solve the problem of size but also keep the quality of the document saved. But how would we know that out of so many tools available, which one suits us the best? Don't worry. I got you for that. Based on my experience, the following are some of the best tools available for this purpose.

1. By Using a Paid Software Foxit

The first one on the list is a must, Foxit. Liked by almost all users, Foxit is one of the finest software on hand that allows its users to handle pdf files pretty conveniently. Its fast and user-friendly interface has won the hearts of millions of users. Not only that it gives you a wide variety of tools to manage, edit and organize your pdf files at a reasonable price, but it also provides the facility to perform integrations and annotations. The other salient features of Foxit include the facility to fill out interactive forms, write applications and dynamic printing.

Need to knowHow To Reduce Pdf File Size For Email Attachment? No problem! A step-by-step guide is given below:

  • Launch your Foxit app and choose your file by clicking Edit now.

  • In the File tab, go to Pdf Optimizer.

  • Select Reduce File Size, and choose Apply to the current file.

  • Hit Ok and save your file.

That's it!

2. By Using An Online Tool

Now, if you want to do it without downloading a complete setup, we still have a way.

By using an incredible online tool, Pdf2Go-Compress Pdf, you can easily learn how to reduce Pdf file size for email attachment? size up to 100 MBs in just a matter of seconds. is quite a useful website that provides online tools to organize and edit your pdf files for free. They also have a premium version, but you can access and use many of their editing tools without paying a penny. To compress your pdf file, upload your file and hit the Start button to begin the process. In no time, it will reduce your file size. You can also upload the file using URLs or cloud storage services like Google Drive. Isn't it amazing?

3. By Using An All-in-One Office Suite

The procedure to compress the pdf file is very simple.

  • Just launch your app and go to the Tools tab to click on the Compress button. 

  • Select your required file quality, and hit Compress option.

There you are with your compressed file. You see how easier it has become to compress larger pdf files into smaller sizes without losing their quality!

Using Tips about WPS office:

Another wonderful option is WPS Office. It's an all-in-one office suite that enables you to access and edit your files online and provides you with a desktop/laptop version that you can download on your PC and use pdf editing tools offline. Most of the tools are free of cost, and some premium tools require a subscription. Once the setup is downloaded, you can access all the tools without needing the internet and can even save your files on the cloud storage, so you can read and edit them wherever you want, whenever you want, from whatever device you like, which is cool!

Get Your Free WPS office now!

Why WPS is the best option for compressing files for email attachments?

I like the WPS office the best for so many reasons. Its cloud feature comes on top among them. Having the ease of accessing and editing your files from a phone solves many of my problems.

What are the best features of a WPS office?

Its compatibility with almost all operating systems is commendable, and the user becomes familiar with its interface in no time. Besides, it even gives you an ad-free experience that makes editing much easier and better. Last but not the least, the premium tools come at a very low price compared to other editing software. That makes WPS my all-time favorite pdf editing software.

So save your time. Download it now and rid yourself of the file size anxiety!

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