How to Reduce PDF Size Manually

July 31, 2023865 views

This article explains how to manually compress a PDF file using free software and resources.

PDF files grow too big too rapidly. Thankfully, a variety of programs exist to reduce the size and make it simpler to exchange PDF files online. They'll save you the next time you exceed the PDF file size restriction.

You can always attempt optimizing your PDF file if you want to make it smaller. However, in that case, you are powerless to stop the software from reducing the size of your file. So what's the other option? You can attempt to manually reduce PDF size. All you have to do is alter the font's style and size, scale back on the number of photos, and remove any extraneous pages. Today, we will help you gain control over your PDF file and reduce its size.

Steps to Reduce PDF Size Manually

For this purpose, we will use one of the best PDF editors on the market, . Potent, feature-rich, and affordable, this tool makes things simple and easy. We will discuss the full features of the software later on. For now, let's see how you can use the software to reduce your PDF file size manually.

Step1: Remove Unwanted Texts Manually

Start by eliminating extraneous content and enlarging the typeface. On the "Edit" tab, select the "Edit Mode" icon. The two choices are line mode and paragraph mode. The first one enables line-by-line text editing. And the second in its entirety. Entirely delete the text.


Step2: Resize or Remove Images or Objects

It's time to start using pictures again. To manually shrink an image's size, right-click on it in the PDF and select "Delete." To manually reduce PDF size, you can also make changes to the image's other components.


Step3: Remove Unwanted Pages Manually

You need to look at the pages in your PDF for the third section. Are all of them necessary? You could also remove some of them. Go to the "Page" section and choose the pages you want to remove from the document. When a pop-up window appears, click or tap the "Delete" button after selecting the "Delete pages" trash symbol.


Step4: Reduce PDF File Size Manually

Last but not least, you can manually reduce the size of a PDF file. Compressing the file will reduce it in size in this phase. Select "Tool" and then from the drop-down menu, "Compress." Choose from low, medium, and high compression quality. The software will inform you of the updated size after you make your choice. Please be aware that selecting high will result in a larger new file.


We said before that there are many tools you can use to reduce PDF file size manually. If you do not want to download software for a simple task, you can try online tools.


We mentioned that WPS Office is one of the best tools to use to compress PDF size manually. What makes this software great is its simplicity and features. With an intuitive and familiar user interface, this tool helps you solve all your problems. There is no learning curve. Just launch the program, and you will see how easy it is to use it.

The software comes loaded with features, everything you need to organize and edit PDF documents. And with a price that is lower than the competition. Here is a quick list of some of the features.

  • Optimize and convert PDF files with a single click.
  • Add, remove, rotate, and resize graphical elements in your document.
  • Edit text, remove text and change font style and size.
  • Insert header and footer, page numbers, or bates numbers.
  • Extract data from your document and export it in Excel format.

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