How to Remove Background from PDF on Windows 10 for Free

November 14, 2022 |

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How to Remove Background from PDF on Windows 10 for Free
In this article, you will learn:

There is so much software out there, from which we can remove background from PDF on windows 10 for free. Among those is Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat

By using this we can easily remove the background from PDF by using these simple steps:

  1. Open the PDF document in the background

  2. Click tools

  3. Tap edit PDF

  4. Remove background from PDF

  5. Click edit, tap more and then click background

  6. Tap on remove, and click yes to confirm

And it's done you have successfully removed background from PDF in windows 10 that too for free.

What if we don't have an Acrobat reader?

No acrobat reader? Still, want to remove background from PDF on windows 10? That too for free? No issues... WPS is here to solve your problem. Why WPS? Because it's the fastest software which allows users to work in half the time. The amazing feature of WPS is:

  1. WPS is affordable because it offers a variety of packages. Basic, standard and premium and user can select according to their need and budgetIt provides world class editor.

  2. WPS can create, edit, merge and delete the document all in one place. Thus making it a time saving app.

  3. WPS both ends are encrypted therefore all the data remains extremely safeFurther on, it allows user to keep passwords too which makes it private.

  4. WPS takes little space on your device and provides around 5GB of data to be storedIt keeps your device virus free.

  5. WPS allows user to use the readymade fonts which is already present in the app.

  6. WPS can automatically save data once you exit the app so that none of your data gets lost.

  7. WPS can convert JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Word to PDF, PDF to word, eBook to PDF, PDF to eBook, Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel, PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT.

Good news:

WPS is extremely affordable for just 39.99$ and it offers all the world class facilities. It is needed by 2022. And here comes the good part, if you download it now you can get a free 7-days trial on windows. Yes you can enjoy 7\days for free \and then can decide if you want to buy the full version or not. 

If you want your work quality better, want to work quickly, and want an extremely safe app which doesn't affect your device as well you won't think much and will download it. It is just a click away. Download WPS and enjoy its perks. 

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