How to Remove Highlight Color from PDF on Mac for Free

July 31, 2023793 views

These days, several organizations are getting their apps in the market to support the editing of documents and make the life of the Mac user as easier as possible. But it will not be difficult to say they have certain system glitches such as support issues, saving, and format conflicts. 

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat has eliminated all these issues for Mac users. Removing Highlighted lines from the PDF has been hectic work for MAC users in all years but dealing with a PDF editor has made their lives easier and more productive. The steps to unhighlight the color from a PDF document is listed below.

  1. Open your PDF Document from the Menu of the Software, by choosing the File option

  2. Search for the Highlighted portion you want to unhighlight and click on the section, after clicking a separate small window will open

  3. Click the trash option in the popover 

  4. Here you go, the highlighted text is now unhighlighted

How to Save Your Space in the System by Downloading A PDF Editor

If you are running out of space in your system and want a PDF editor that can resolve all the issues related to editing? WPS Office gives you full features:

  1. Convert PDF to pictures and pictures to PDF 

  2. Merge a different set of PDF files

  3. Split a single file into separate sheets

  4. 0.1 million Pre-made templates available on a click

  5. All interfaces are easily understandable for its users

  6. WPS Cloud excess all over the world

  7. Multiple international languages to support all cultures 20+ tools to support editing and other actions

  8. Electronic Signature editing, the best in the market

  9. Resume Master available to make a resume quickly and efficiently

  10. Student Tool specifically allocated for Students is a wonderful feature added in the PDF editor which anyone access with a single click on the main window

  11. Various Stamps are available in the editor for controlling the document before sharing

How to get WPS Office:

The most compact PDF editor which covers all options for the user can be downloaded easily.

  1. Access the browser and search for the site by typing

  2. Once the site is accessed, click the Free Download option.

  3. Look for your downloaded bar where the WPS office File is downloaded.

  4. Once you click it, the system will request you to select the option for installation.

  5. After selecting the Yes Feature, the file will be downloaded into your system.

Tremendous Offer Specially for Windows Users:

The full edition of the WPS Office software is available with one click for 7 days of free access, without requiring you to enter your credit card information. Just click the link below to use the software to its maximum potential.

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