Remove Password from PDF on iPhone for Free with PDF Expert:
If you Don't Have PdfExpert You Can Use WPS Office For Free:
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By the way, the pdf is already an uneditable format, It can only be viewed and read, but for some reason, you have to lock it totally so that it can’t be read or view any other person. If you have added a password to the document and locked it already, and now it doesn't need to lock more and you want to remove the password. So, don't worry because we make it much easy for you. Read the below article and know how to remove password from pdf.

Remove Password from PDF on iPhone for Free with PDF Expert:


Removing a password from pdf on iPhones is easy with Pdf Expert. It is the best pdf application for iPhones, and it provides multiple pdf tools with high-quality features. The interface of this application is simple and engaging, you will never get bored or tired of using it. Use it now for doing work fastly with good quality and see how it works.


  • Open Pdf Expert on your device and import your locked pdf file.
  • Here you will have to type the password for unlocking the document.
  • After that, click 3 dots at the top bar, then select change password.
  • There will be a new pop-up window that opens in front of you.
  • Click remove password at the bottom, and then the password will be removed from your PDF.

If you Don't Have PdfExpert You Can Use WPS Office For Free:

For those who are looking for the best alternative to PDF Expert, we bring the best and high-quality pdf software that is available for all platforms, devices, and operating systems, that is WPS Office. WPS Provides a wonderful iPhone application that has a wonderful user interface and numerous pdf tools and features. It is a convenient, secure, and high-quality application, by using you can organize and manage all types of documents easily. If you don’t want to buy Pdf Expert for removing passwords from pdf, so WPS Office is the best option for you, that solves your all pdf problems.

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