How to Remove Password from PDF on Windows 10 for Free

July 31, 2023901 views

If you have protected your PDF document and now you want to unlock the PDF file you have to use a software. For that purpose, you can use Adobe Acrobat, which allows you to remove password from PDF on Windows 10. Follow the simple steps listed below if you are interested in learning how to remove password from PDF on Windows 10 for free.

Remove Password Using Adobe Acrobat 

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.

  2. You can make use of the unlock tool. 

  3. Click on tools. Go to protect.

  4. Choose encrypt and then click on remove security.

  5. Now there are two things: If the file has an open password, click on ok to remove it.

  6. If the file has a permission password then you have to type in the enter password box and then click ok. The password will be removed from your PDF document.

If You Don't Have Adobe Acrobat

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat but still need to remove the password from the PDF file, you can use WPS Office instead. You can use any of the features offered by WPS Office for PDF processing. Look at some of them:

  1. Using WPS Office the users can edit, read, and manage PDF files easily.

  2. PDF files can be signed and filled out with the help of the WPS Office.

  3. WPS Office supports all the image formats.

  4. WPS works on all platforms, it supports Mac and Windows, Android and iPhone, and Linux as well.

  5. WPS Office let its users read, modify, annotate, compress, highlight and search PDF files even on mobile phones.

  6. Other than the fascinating features, it has an extremely small size on disk and it is one of the reasons 

  7. WPS is becoming more popular nowadays. Business plans, work summaries, routine tasks, PPTs, documents, and CVs all can be created using WPS Office. It offers a variety of different templates and themes.

  8. WPS Office supports all file formats. So it can be used to convert files to and from any format.

A Steal Deal!

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