How to Remove Photos from PDF on Mac for Free

July 31, 2023686 views

If your Pdf contains unnecessary photos and you are struggling to remove these photos using your Mac without spending any penny, then stop. Your struggle ends here. Spend a few minutes. Read this article and find the solution to how to remove photos from pdf on Mac for free.


UPDF is a pdf editor that is Mac-supportive and can provide solutions on how to remove photos from pdf on Mac for free. We are providing you with a step-by-step guideline to use UPDF.

  1. Download PDF with your Mac App store. 

  2. Open your Pdf through UPDF, in which you want to remove the photos. 

  3. Click on the Edit button to enable editing mode. 

  4. Click the right button on the selected photo and many options will appear. 

  5. Press the Extract option. 

  6. After the photo is removed, a window will appear with the 'save option. Click on it after selecting your desired location. Now save the new file.

It is suitable for your query about how to remove photos from pdf on Mac for free. But it is not compatible with some advanced settings e.g OCR and cloud service. So We are going to tell you another software that will help you to remove photos on your Mac as has all advanced features. And, that is WPS Office.

WPS Advanced Features :

  1. WPS Office has all the advanced features that UPDF lacks: cloud storage, OCR, and security issues. 

  2. WPS Office has tutorial demonstrations for all these advanced features to make it easy to use. Its main page is well organized with all the basic tools to go for any editing tasks.

So, comparing WPS with many other pdf editors, you will realize that this is the best one with different advanced features. So, download it to keep up with the pace of time.

Download Steps For WPS Office:

Visit Hit the Free Download button. Run it and use it.

Hit the 7-day free trial :

Yes. You read it right. The 7-day free trial is for Windows users.  You can use all the advanced features of this office suite without spending any credit. This is a tremendous offer as all other office suits offer a free trial with some limitations but WPS gives access to all the tools. So what are you looking for now?  Hit the deal for your Windows now.

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