How to Rotate PDF

August 5, 2022 |

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How to Rotate PDF
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You may need to rotate PDF sheets to fix their alignment if they were mistakenly rotated or scanned upside down. But how can a PDF file be rotated? Don't worry; we're about to introduce Wondershare, a fantastic PDF editing tool. You may rotate PDFs in Windows with the aid of PDFelement - PDF Editor.

The tool for organizing pages, editing, converting, data extraction, handling forms, security, signing, reviewing, and other tasks is called PDFelement. Additionally, the tools are very sophisticated.

Steps to Rotate PDF

Step 1. Load PDF

You can drag and drop a PDF file into the program window after starting PDFelement to open it instantly. Alternatively, you can choose and open a PDF file from your local folder by clicking the "Open files" option in the window.


Step 2. Rotate PDF

Click the "Thumbnail" menu icon on the left-hand side to display the PDF file after it has been opened. One PDF page can be rotated by right-clicking it in the thumbnail view, choosing "Rotate Pages," and then choosing the desired rotational direction.

When viewing a PDF file in the thumbnail view, click on the first page. Next, while holding down the "Ctrl+Shift" keys, scroll the thumbnail display's slider all the way to the bottom, then click on the last page. After doing this, all pages will be chosen. Simply select "Rotate Page" from the context menu when you right-click the desired page or pages.


Step 3

When you click the "Rotate Page" option, the "Rotate" window appears, allowing you to select the orientation of the page as well as the range of pages that you want to rotate. Click "OK" one more to complete the rotation.



If you wish to alter the PDF document's content as well, WPS Office makes it simple to edit either the PDF text or the PDF images. You can alter the text's font, color, and size, as well as add superscript or subscript, align texts, change word or line spacing, and rotate text paragraphs. Other options for the image include rotation, opacity adjustment, clipping, deletion, and replacement. In other words, you can rotate the text and graphics in addition to the PDF page itself.

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