How to Save a JPEG as a PDF Using 3 Best Tools?

July 31, 2023439 views

After the image has been saved as a JPEG, storing it in a format that allows it to be printed, such as PDF, is an ideal choice for keeping it in a printable form. The following procedures must be followed to do this: When you utilize a piece of software capable of printing to a PDF, converting a JPEG file to a PDF is a breeze. But first, you need to learn how to save a jpeg as a pdf using different tools. Many applications can convert Web pages and document files, print JPEG photos and save them in PDF format. We are here with our list of the best tools to learn how to save a jpeg as a pdf.

How to Save a JPEG as a PDF Online Using

  1. Visit and click on the Image to PDF option.

  2. Choose JPG to PDF when you go to the next step to save a jpeg as a pdf.

  3. After that, select the file you want to convert after clicking the Choose File option.

  4. Hold tight while the file is uploaded. After everything has been uploaded, set the Convert option. Click the Download button once the conversion is finished.

How to Save a JPEG as a PDF On Android

  1. Install Image to PDF Converter by searching for it in the Google Play store.

  2. Launch the application once it has been installed, then from the main screen, press the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, and then pick the JPG file you wish to convert.

  3. After you have made your selection, tap the PDF icon located in the top right corner, then tap OK after entering the PDF details to save a jpeg as a pdf.

  4. Your brand-new PDF file will be downloaded and stored on the device. Although this software is filled with intrusive advertisements, it performs an excellent job of fulfilling its purpose.

How to Save a JPEG as a PDF Using WPS Office

  1. We look for the button that says "picture to pdf" in the PDF editor's toolbar and then clicks on it.

  2. The files that you want to save a jpeg as a pdf should then be uploaded into the edit box, and after that, the sequence in which the photos appear should be checked to ensure that it is correct.

  3. If there is anything that you would like to change, you can drag the images to rearrange them, and then you can format the converted PDF file.

  4. After finishing the two procedures above, the next thing we do is check to see if the software's default location to save files is accurate.

  5. We click the button to begin the conversion after ensuring that all the settings are correct. The image will be transformed into a PDF file if you wait a few seconds. Choose the desired location to save a jpeg as a pdf.

  6. Using Tips for WPS Users to Save a JPEG as a PDF

    WPS PDF editor uses multi-core CPU technology to detect the photographs that need to be converted intelligently. Then it restores the conversion with a high level of restoration, which means that we do not need to alter the files in the future. Do you know how to  save a jpeg as a pdf?  WPS OFFICE is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. It may be loaded on personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Get a free subscription simply by downloading WPS OFFICE right now. After you've read this article and gained its knowledge, remember to share it with your friends so that they, too, can gain access to these helpful hints that are easy to implement.

    FAQs about WPS Office

    1. Does WPS Office only allow you to edit the PDF content?

    No, If you also frequently need to solve the PDF file format conversion, or if you need to convert PDF format to picture format, then we recommend installing WPS Office office software, which will solve your problems and make your life easier! If you need to convert PDF format to picture format, you can convert PDF format to image format.

    2. Can we also compress images in the WPS Office?

    Yes, WPS Office is equipped with compression tools for file compression.

    Because it is necessary to convert the format of PDF documents, many individuals typically desire aid in locating a solution to the problem. This is because of the necessity of converting the format. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance to choose office software appropriate for the person's requirements, all-encompassing, and easy to use and no other option is better than WPS Office and its 7 days free trial is just a cherry on top! So download now and get ready to be a big fan!

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