How to Save Excel as PDF Using Three Tools?

July 31, 2023271 views

Excel and PDF both are prevalent document formats. The former is known for the data and table-related processes, and the latter is the most popular file format for data sharing. Now imagine if you ever need to send your excel worksheet to someone at your workplace or another organization. Then the File opened from different operating software might appear in another format, making it inconvenient for the user. Or the end user could not see it the way it was created. In this case, it will be best for you to save Excel as PDF file. To save Excel as PDF file is not rocket science and can be done quickly using the proper tool. Here in this article, we will introduce you to some of the tools that can help you save Excel as PDF with a much more accessible and quick process.

How to Save Excel as PDF Using Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most used PDF software to save Excel as PDF. It can provide you with the exact tool to save Excel as PDF file format with an online or desktop app. But regrettably, Adobe Acrobat does not provide this tool for free. To save Excel as PDF, you must pay the subscription fee to use this tool.

  • Open the Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker.

  • Click the Acrobat button in your toolbar.

  • Now select the option Create PDF.

  • Then name the PDF file you want to create and hit the Convert to PDF button.

  • When the File is exported to the PDF file, choose the location where you want to save your File.

  • Lastly, save the File by clicking on the Save option.

How to Save Excel as PDF Using Foxit Reader

    Another app to save excel as PDF is the Foxit Reader. It is a relatively small PDF converter that lets you view, save, convert, and print the PDF file from excel workbooks. Let us show you the steps to save Excel as PDF.

    • Open the app and then click on the File button.

    • Now from the toolbar, click on the create option.

    • Click From File and again From File to open your excel sheet in the app.

    • When you select the excel file, it immediately converts the File into PDF.

    • Open the PDF file and check if all is okay.

    • Finally, you can save the File by clicking on the Save As button or pressing Ctrl + S, and your File will be saved.

    How to Save Excel as PDF Using WPS Office

      WPS is the perfect option to easily save Excel as PDF. WPS Office can also be used to open and edit PDF files, making it more convenient. Just read this article carefully, and you will be able to save Excel as PDF file hassle-free in no time.

      • Open your excel worksheet that you want to save as PDF in the WPS Office.

      • Click on the Tools button and then click the option Export to PDF.

      • You can also rename the File in the pop-up toolbar or choose to Add Files to add multiple pages.

      • Please set it to Save Path and hit the Export to PDF option.

      Using Tips for WPS Office Users

      WPS PDF Office is undoubtedly a powerful PDF converter with many accessible functions. It is a professional yet user-friendly software that includes four different modules of WPS spreadsheet, presentation, writer, and PDF. It provides the user with an excellent office experience with advanced and easy-to-understand features.

      The best thing is that you can easily save the excel worksheet to PDF without paying subscription fees, unlike other PDF apps available in the market. Moreover, WPS Office is trusted worldwide for its advanced and powerful features and functions and concise and user-friendly interface.

      FAQs about WPS Office

1. Can you convert other file formats to PDF with WPS

You can convert your excel sheets and your word docs, ppt, and many other file formats into PDF file formats quickly and easily.

2. Can WPS convert PDF into word

Yes,WPS is an excellent software to convert PDF into a word document on iphone, Windows, and Androids.

Gone are the days when you had to stay restricted to just a few editing options for your different file formats. With WPS, now, you can do a lot more with just a few clicks. So, download now and enjoy 7 Days free trial now!

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