How to Save Google Slides as PDF?

July 31, 2023776 views

When creating presentations, many individuals use Google Slides rather than the more conventional Microsoft PowerPoint. One of the many benefits of using this is that Google Slides is a cloud-based solution, making it simpler to share with others. You should send your slides as an email attachment; however, if the recipient of your presentation needs help connecting to the internet and you still want to send them your display, you should send it to them. In this scenario, you should begin converting Google Slides to PDF. To assist, we will walk you through exporting Google Slides as PDFs and editing them within PDFs.

1. Google Slides

Many people find converting their Google Slides presentations into PDF format more convenient. For this reason, Google has made it very simple to convert your Google Slides to PDF format. To accomplish this, follow these clear and simple steps:

  • Once you have opened your Google slides presentation, go to the File button on the top toolbar, and from the drop-down menu, select Print Settings and Preview. This will take you to the preview.

  • At the top of your screen, a new menu will show up. You can change your preferences from here. For example, if you want to convert your slides to PDF with notes, select the vertical orientation, one drop per page, and include the speaker's notes. When finished, click Close to end the preview.

  • Click the File icon once more, then select Download As, then PDF Document from the drop-down menu (.PDF). This will start the download process for your file.

2. Email Google Slides as PDF

If you already have a Google presentation prepared, you can send it via Email and immediately convert that Google presentation slide to a PDF. Let's look at how to send a Google slide as a PDF via Email.

  • First, open your Google Slides presentation.

  • Click the File button in the menu at the top of your screen. Here, a drop-down menu will appear. Click on Email, then Email this file.

  • Another dialogue box will appear here, allowing you to Email this file. Enter the email address of the recipient. You can even send yourself a copy. In the bottom left corner of the dialogue box, select PDF. After you have finished, you should hit the send button.

That's all. You're finished.

3. WPS Office

The PDF to PowerPoint converter in WPS Office allows you to easily convert PDF files to fully editable PowerPoint slides. This is a quick and simple method for creating high-quality PowerPoint presentations from PDF files.

Here's how to use WPS Office to convert Google Slides to PDF:

  • Set up your WPS office. If you already have WPS Office installed on your computer, open it; otherwise, download it. It is very simple to obtain WPS software.

  • Select Open from the menu. Then you can locate the Google Slides file, which you can save to your computer.

  • Discover the location of your Google slides file. Then, unlock it.

  • When the file is open in WPS Office, select Export to PDF from the menu to export it as a PDF file.

  • Your Google slides will then be converted into a PDF file.

Using Tips for WPS Office Tools

Converting Google Slides presentations into PDF files with WPS Office offers a variety of advantages to users.

To begin, PDF files are more universally compatible than Google Slides files. This means PDF files can be opened and viewed on a wider variety of devices and software than Google Slides files.

In addition, files saved as PDFs are typically smaller than those committed as Google Slides, making it simpler to send them via Email and download them.

You can use the software that comes with WPS Office to edit or modify your PDF file if you need to do so. WPS Office is an all-encompassing office suite.

FAQs about WPS Office

What can we do while converting slides to PDF?

By converting your Google Slides presentation to PDF format, you can add watermarks and protect it with a password, making it more secure and preventing unauthorized copying.

Does the quality of the files affect compression or conversions?

No, the file never loses quality while being compressed or converted by WPS office’s incredible conversion tools!

The process of converting Google slides to PDF format is made simple and portable by WPS Office. You will need to download the WPS office onto your computer to get the most out of this software. It is very simple to use and offers a wide variety of advantages. You can take advantage of all its fantastic features if you download it to your computer.

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