How to Save PDF as Image

August 5, 2022 |

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How to Save PDF as Image
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Which method for saving a PDF as an image is best? It's possible that you may prefer content in an image format over a PDF format. Consequently, PDF must be saved as an image file. You have just selected the appropriate tutorial if you're looking for an easy approach to save PDF as an image. We go over two distinct methods in this post for saving a PDF as a high-resolution image.

Steps to Save PDF as Image

We'll use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to save a PDF as a high-resolution image. The most popular PDF program, PDFelement, includes a variety of PDF functions. You can use this software to save a PDF page or an entire PDF file as a picture. You can also edit text, delete images, replace images, and add new images to your PDF file. 

Step 1. Open PDF

On the program, click on "Open PDF", and the program will take you to File Explorer. Choose the PDF file to save as an image and click "Open" to import it with the program.


Step 2. Click "To Image"

The application will then open the PDF file that you submitted. Click the Convert Setting option > PDF to Image and type the desired PDF page's number in the Page Range field to save a specific PDF page as an image.


Now, click on the "Convert" option and choose "To Image" format from the list of output options.


Step 3. Save PDF Page as Image

When you click on the image output format, a save as window allowing you to select an image in an output format will display. To save a PDF as a PNG or JPEG image, select the output file type and click "Save As Type." After entering a file name, press the "Save" button.


When you follow these steps correctly, you should be able to save the PDF page as an image.


The most popular PDF program that includes several PDF features is WPS office PDF Editor. It can save a PDF as a high-resolution image. With the help of this software, you can easily extract data from PDF forms as well as save a PDF page or a whole PDF file as an image. Additionally, you can change text, remove, swap out, and add new photos to your PDF file.

The software can be downloaded to your PC by selecting the "Free Download" option. After installing it, you can use the instructions.

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